Tricks and Tweaks

By Sharon Mosley

October 9, 2018 4 min read

You don't have to paint your face or wear a pointy hat to get into the spirit of one of fall's favorite times. This Halloween, ward off the bad fashion ghosts and tweak your everyday costumes with these simple tricks. You'll have the wardrobe of a divine diva in no time.

—Take a cue from Casper. Give your fall clothes an instant update with one of the newest trends: wearing white. It's not scary to wear white after Labor Day anymore. Don't put away those white jeans. Instead, layer them with a chic black turtleneck or a leather moto jacket for a fun rock-star vibe. But the best way to wear white this fall? Buy a pair of sleek white ankle boots and wear them with everything.

—Treat yourself to candy colors. It may be easy to center your wardrobe around neutrals like black and white, but this fall, the candy colors are having a delicious moment. Add a pop of a tasty bright color — cotton candy pink, lemon yellow, tangy orange or lime green — in a fuzzy coat or a puffy parka. And maybe ... even in a strand or two of your hair!

—Channel your inner animal spirit. Let the leopards roar. Animal prints have long been a fashion favorite, but this year, they are the focus of a total outfit ... not just accessories. So find a spot-on jacket and update your jeans and boots. The animal print jacket will be your new go-to must-have for years to come.

—Jump out of your old style. If you're in a jean rut and need a change of pace, don't be scared to try jumpsuits. There are plenty of variations on the theme of one-piece dressing this fall. From casual denim interpretations to draping evening halters, jumpsuits are an easy alternative to dresses and skirts.

—Tie one on. Scarves are another trick to tweak your wardrobe and give it an instant update. There are so many options to choose from. From huge blanket scarves to silky printed neckerchiefs, scarves add an interesting twist to everyday basics. Fall is the season to get into velvety scarves trimmed with beads, tassels and fringe.

—Glitter and glow in the dark — and in the daytime. If you thought that sequin tank you bought last year for your holiday office party was just for evenings out, think again. One of the newest ways to tweak your wardrobe is to wear cocktail separates during the day. Add some bewitching glamour to jeans with a beaded top, or pair a pleated chiffon skirt with a sweater and boots. Shimmer is the way to shine day and night this year ... and not just on special occasions.

Just be sure to save the glittery eyeshadow for Halloween.

Tweak your fall wardrobe with pops of color and stylish scarves. These ones are from H&M.
Tweak your fall wardrobe with pops of color and stylish scarves. These ones are from H&M.

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