Drop Her Immediately

By Dr. Robert Wallace

June 22, 2018 3 min read

DR. WALLACE: I've been dating a girl for more than six months and we have a very "rocky" relationship. She takes me for granted, treats me like dirt and fights with me constantly. When we are out together she flirts with almost every guy she sees.

Twice I tried to break up with her, but she tells me that she loves me. This has me really confused. What should I do? — Confused, via email

CONFUSED: Actions speak louder than words! Drop her immediately and find a girl whose company you will enjoy. It's really that simple. In short order, you're likely to both feel better about yourself and to find a new, more compatible friend to spend time with.


DR.WALLACE: I'm 20 and pregnant with my first child. Our daughter will be born in early September. I know that a pregnant woman shouldn't smoke, use drugs or drink alcohol, but I've been told it's alright if the mom-to-be has an occasional glass of red wine. It's supposed to be beneficial to both the baby and the mom. I hope this is true because I need a glass of wine once in a while to unwind from all of my self-made pressures.

I talked with my doctor and she said she would feel better if I didn't consume any alcohol at all, but she said an "occasional" glass of wine shouldn't cause any problems for the baby. Your thoughts, please. — Stressed Out Mom To Be, via email

MOM TO BE: I've contacted five doctors recently and all five said that a pregnant woman should not drink alcohol, period! Alcohol is alcohol. It doesn't make any difference if it's beer, whiskey or wine. All alcohol consumed by an expectant mother passes from her bloodstream to that of the unborn baby and therefore increases the risk that the baby will be born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Such babies are often underweight and could have various physical deformities.

Why take the chance? I'm sure you can find other ways to unwind. Try spending regular time with as many good friends as you can, especially ones who tell stories that will get you all laughing — laughter is a great stress reliever. Watch funny movies. Try yoga. Walk and get mild exercise. Do all you can organically to help reduce your stress, but please do not "feed" your child alcohol.

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