By Lynda Hirsch

November 28, 2020 4 min read

In a you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me year, there are some things to be thankful for in the world of television. Sadly, things are so bad in California that Gov. Gavin Newsom has put the state in lockdown mode. However, he has made an exception for the world of entertainment. It is because everyone in that realm has been paying attention to the COVID-19 guidelines. Just like Dr. Fauci told everyone: Wear your damn mask (Yes, he did say damn), socially distance and wash your hands as if you had stigmata (OK, he did not mention stigmata).

For daytime drama, those steps have tacked on major costs and difficult conditions: masks on unless doing a scene, careful monitoring, lonely lunches, some shows do not have makeups rooms, all the crew wear masks at all times.

"Bold and Beautiful" and "Young and Restless" shut down for a day when two staffers tested positive. "General Hospital" has not shut down once since the ban was lifted over 17 weeks ago. "Days of Our Lives" is so far ahead in its taping schedule that it never was off the air.

The ratings are up for all the shows. As one long-ago viewer said: "I am laying on my couch watching TV and I see Doug and Julie from 'Day of Our Lives.' It took me back to my summer teen years. I kept watching and saw John, Marlena, Victor, Maggie, Jack, Jennifer, Steve, Kayla. The whole gang and some interesting storylines and newbies I like. I am hooked. When I go back to work, 'Days' is going on my DVR."

Thankfully, "The Good Doctor's" Richard Schiff is on the mend after being laid low by the coronavirus. Hospitalized for weeks, he is back home with off- and on-air TV wife, Sheila Kelley. She also had the virus but was able to stay home.

So, we have scarfed down turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and slurped some wine. I hate all that stuff, but I do love stuffing — and the wishbone. It is time to break it in two and make my wishes for daytime.

Please keep Shawn and Belle on "Days of Our Lives." They both belong to core families, and the actors are great looking while being great actors. Let Sarah save Xander's life. She is a badass character. The doc can fill out a prescription and take down any adversary. Please wrap up the Tripp rape storyline. Jennifer and Jack (Cady McClain and Matt Ashford) are magic together. Keep it going.

Over at "Bold and Beautiful," more Wyatt. A Bill sighting. Less of St. Liam. Deflate the Hope mannequin. Less of Quinn in over-the-top mode. On "General Hospital," put some of the characters — Nina, Willow, Sasha - on the back burner. Let Jason recall that Jake is his son. Say goodbye to Peter. Wrap up some storylines that have been left hanging. Stop Alexis' downward drama queen spiral. She has three kids and always puts herself first. Yeah, she had a tough year — who hasn't?

And for everyone else, please stay safe. Stay inside and do not worry. That way, everyone can have a Thanksgiving blast next year. I will even eat the dreaded Thanksgiving fare.

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