By Lynda Hirsch

April 4, 2020 3 min read

I got it. No, not the Pulitzer Prize for soap opera coverage. There is a space on my mantle for that though. I got this novel coronavirus. I will not go into details. I tested positive on Sunday. I knew something was wrong when I did not want to talk or eat. In high school, I was named "motor mouth." And I have traveled all over the world and am able to order off any menu happily.

The daytime scene has been impacted, too. "Days of our Lives" is fine, with shows taped through October. With the Olympics canceled, NBC even has more time for daytime TV. Wimbledon is also off, for the first time since World War II. "General Hospital" has four weeks of shows in the hopper. In order to stretch things out, there will be flashback episodes. "The Young and the Restless" will air classic episodes Wednesday and Thursday; "The Bold and the Beautiful" will go the same way. Ratings for daytime drama have hit all-time highs. There is a suggestion that "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" could get reboots or offer classic screenings to keep up with demand.

Paulina Bugembe, a "General Hospital" cast member (Valerie Spencer), has tested positive for COVID-19. She is in quarantine and sad she can only look at her puppy. Her symptoms began two weeks ago.

John Callahan, Edmund on "All My Children," died this weekend after a massive stroke at 66. He was divorced from Eva LaRue, who played Maria. He often irritated fellow cast mates by slipping them notes about how they should have done the scene. It was akin to giving Gordon Ramsay cooking notes.

Actors from "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and the Beautiful" made stay-at-home videos for the fans. Together, they sang, danced and dished some dirt.

Congrats to Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, "The Young and the Restless"). She gave birth to her first child, a girl, on March 27.

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