By Lynda Hirsch

September 15, 2018 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke and Steffy heated argument leads Ridge to make a quick decision regarding the future of Forrester Creations. Hope is crushed and Brooke is furious when Ridge decides to fund Steffy's lingerie line not Hope for the future line. Bill confides in Justin about Brooke's offer of assistance in his custody fight for Will. Steffy puts Ridge on the spot when she questions his true motives for backing Katie and Thorne. He swears it was not about his loathing for Bill, but what was best for the company. As Brooke gives Bill support for his sharing custody of Will, he stuns Brooke when he moves in for a kiss. Steffy joins the Forrester models on the catwalk for a test run of the upcoming Intimates fashion show. While Zoe reminisces about her previous relationship with Xander, he surprises Emma with a romantic beachside cabana. Zoe secretly spies on Xander and Emma. When is appears Emma is about to offer herself to Xander he pulls away. Zoe comes out of hiding and suggests they have a repeat performance of their sexual encounter. Zander is uneasy when he thinks of Emma. Brooke and Dollar Bill have another clandestine meeting to discuss the dire situation with Katie. Thorne expresses his love, loyalty and commitment to Katie by asking her to marry him.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Deciding she must keep Ben away from Ciara, Hope plants evidence that makes it look as if he set fire to the cabin. Ben pleads his innocence to Ciara as Hope takes him away in handcuffs. Learning Paul is paralyzed, Will and Sonny decide they cannot tell him they want to resume their romance. Paul breaks down when Kayla says he may never regain the use of his legs. With Marlena fighting for her life, Jen decides she cannot tell Eric about Nicole leaving him because of Brady's blackmail. Eve and Brady vow their love for each other. Chloe is stunned when Lucas tells her Bonnie claims she had a daughter by him. Sheila shows up with the baby who has been named Bonnie Bubbles Horton. Everyone is stunned when Belle tells them about Marlena's DNR. A judge refuses to override the order. All of Marlena's loved ones bid sorrowful goodbyes to the woman who has met so much to them. Kayla disconnects Marlena's life support. Roman tells Kayla that he has little news about Steve, but Shane is on the case. Roman reveals he and Anna decided not to marry. As everyone searches for Kristin, Stefan keeps her hidden in the mansion passageway.


"The Young and the Restless": At Dark Horse, Jack, Nick and Abby prepare for the Dark Horse launch party, and Nikki finds herself torn when she realizes that she can't invite Victor as a plus one. She decides to keep the event a secret from him, and confides in Victoria. Despite their concern, Victor reveals that he knows all about the event, and encourages the women to attend without him. Rey arrests Nick, questioning him about JT's whereabouts. Brittany gets Nick immunity. Sharon agrees to help Tessa when she is found beaten in an alley. Tessa refuses to go to the hospital, as she fears it will put her sister Chrystal in danger. Kyle and Summer decide to settle their bet the night of the launch party, but despite Kyle's casual attitude, he still harbors feelings for Summer, and wants their night together to mean something. Kyle is charmed when he meets Lola, Arturo and Rey's sister. Nick offers Arturo a permanent position with Dark Horse as head of construction. Phyllis tells Billy she thinks she can help him be a responsible gambler. Victor is stunned when he realizes Jack may be his half-brother. He convinces Nikki to keep quiet about it. Devon tells Lily he knows the car crash was an accident and forgives her.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Fearing the body in Charley's place will be found, Mike goes to the site. He uses a wrench to open the gas line. Kristina, who is now working as a bartender, sees what Mike has done and goes into the basement to find the wrench. She trips and strikes her head. As the basement explodes, Jason arrives and saves her. Mike tells Sonny he cannot remember what it is, but he knows he did something bad. Mike says he needs to be placed in a facility. Drew tries to cope with the news Oscar has an inoperable brain tumor. Kim is not pleased when she realizes he told Sam. Margaux tells Drew she never knew her father's identity and wants to find him. Back in town, Robin tells Anna she forgives her for telling her she had a half-brother. Aware of Peter's past, Robin is not certain she wants to meet him. Chase tells Jordan that he found a skull in the rubble of Julian's bar. Julian tells Sonny he will not say anything but will no longer use his coffee. The two decide they are even. Cameron and Oscar get into a fistfight when Oscar learns Cameron kissed Joss. Learning that Jason saved Kristina, Sam says he has saved many lives since he came back and wonders when he is going to do something for his own life. Valentin refuses to take back the engagement and wedding ring he gave Nina. Nina tells Maxie she knows Valentin did not mean to hurt anyone; she loves him but cannot trust him to be truthful. Maxie and Peter get trapped in an elevator. Continuing his charade as Kevin, Ryan gets a phone call from Laura. Peter wants Lulu to do an article about Ryan.


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By Lynda Hirsch
"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Steffy and Liam bond over baby Kelly. Thorne assures Katie that he will never let her or Will down when Katie expresses that she is having second thoughts about filing for sole custody. Keep reading