Troubles with Teeth and Love

By Cheryl Lavin

June 3, 2016 3 min read

Dear Cheryl: I have a very beautiful granddaughter who's 28. She's a funeral director, and she loves her job. She does well in her profession and gets along with all the guests and priests she deals with at funerals.

A month ago, she began to push on her tooth with her tongue. She believes it's loose. She can't stop. Her dentist told her the tooth won't fall out, although she'll hurt the nerve if she continues to push on it, which will be painful. But she continues to do it.

Three months ago, she moved in with her boyfriend, whom she's been dating for two years. I truly believe she was waiting for a ring and a wedding date, and she doesn't have either one. I think she feels guilty about the move because she's not that kind of girl. But maybe she thinks this is the only way she can get this guy to commit.

Outside of these things, she's perfect. She's a great kid. Maybe she's being duped. What do you think? — Worried Grandma

Dear Worried Grandma: I think the two situations are related. Your granddaughter may be under some stress related to moving in with her boyfriend. The stress may be showing itself through her new unpleasant — and possibly dangerous — habit. The more she obsesses about her tooth, the less energy she has to devote to what's really bothering her: her living arrangement.

Please suggest she see a therapist before she winds up back in the dentist's chair.

Dear Cheryl: My boyfriend and I are in our early 50s. We've been together for three years. We've had hot, passionate sex since we got together. However, he's recently been unavailable since returning from being out of town on business. When he was gone, he wouldn't return my calls all night. I know he has ex-girlfriends in the area where he's been traveling. It's apparent that he he's not appreciating how passionate I've been.

He doesn't think he owes me an explanation. Therefore, I have no desire to ever sleep with him again. I'm attractive, slim and fit, and I turn the heads of men 10 years younger. Why is it that men always take a woman's passion for granted? Why do they feel the need to find other women they think are more appealing and desirable? Why don't they ever wise up before they wind up alone? — Red Hot Momma

Dear Red Hot Momma: Not all men take good women for granted. Only the stupid ones do.

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