When Wacky Turned Dangerous

By Cheryl Lavin

May 19, 2019 4 min read

We return today to the tale of Matt and his psycho wife, Amanda.

In the two years they lived in their house, Matt estimates the locks were changed approximately 15 to 20 times. "I had to break in several times because she changed them and didn't tell me. She told me I didn't need a key and that there are lots of husbands who don't have them.

"She even had a security system installed. Of course, I wasn't allowed to have the code. They cancelled us quickly due to the alarm going off every time I broke in. I was instructed to call her when I needed to get in. She was usually at a bar. But drinking wasn't the complete problem. When she mixed alcohol with her paranoid psychosis and topped it off with some cocaine, she was a mess."

Amanda's paranoia knew no limits. A chipped glass turned into a two-day ordeal that brought the police, not an unusual occurrence.

"The police knew us on a first-name basis. I would say they averaged a call to our house twice a month. One time, she called them to report someone coming into our house and breaking the glass. Because I was an accomplice, she wanted me arrested, too. She would usually call to report some kind of abuse. When they saw through her stories of abuse, she told them I was a drug dealer."

The obvious question is: Why did Matt stick with her so long? "For some reason, I didn't want to just abandon her. I kind of felt sorry for her."

And then Amanda got pregnant, and they had a baby.

"Things took a serious turn when one morning at about 9 a.m., Amanda was messed up and dropped our 3-month-old daughter on her head. I was at work. She called me in a rage, swearing at me and blaming me and then hung up. I called her back, and she wouldn't answer the phone. I sped home, only to be locked out. I could hear her screaming and cursing and my infant daughter crying hysterically. She refused to let me in, so I called the police. They couldn't get her to open the door. She actually used my daughter as a shield. This brought the fire department, more police, a hostage negotiator, reporters. She was taken away and put in the mental unit at the hospital. That was the day I obtained a protection order for myself and my daughter and retained a lawyer. I was awarded sole custody. Amanda eventually lost her visitation rights because she kept her away from me for six days."

Matt and Amanda's daughter is now 11 years old. "I never keep her from seeing her mother, but I only allow supervised visits. My daughter decides when she wants to visit. She's still freaked out about a time when she was 8 and I let Amanda take her to McDonald's for ice cream. Amanda called me and said she was taking her away. I threatened her with the state police and Amber alerts. She brought her right back."

Matt has been happily married now for five years to "an amazing woman who never had children but is the mom my daughter cherishes as her own." If ever a guy deserved a little peace and quiet, it's Matt.

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Photo credit: RitaE at Pixabay

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