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By Susan Deitz

December 20, 2017 3 min read

DEAR SUSAN: I'd like you to look into — and write about — MGTOW (men going their own way). More and more men of all ages are rationally weighing whether they want to enter into a romantic relationship with a woman and deciding it's just not worth the hassle and the risk. There's nothing in it for them. They have a lot to lose and very little to gain. They're concluding that being alone and enjoying life is a happier state than being in a romantic relationship with a woman. For many, the question of whether or not to marry isn't even a serious one. Many wouldn't even consider it.

You've been touching on some related concepts when you ask female readers to honestly consider whether they're defensive or hostile toward men — perhaps without even knowing it. What I find noteworthy about this trend is that in the past, the male sex drive could be depended on to push men toward women. But now it seems men are weighing all factors — which obviously includes the sex drive — and concluding they're just not all that interested. — Guitar Guy

DEAR READERS: Before tackling the next letter, do yourself a favor and take time to let this one sink in. Then — and only then — take a deep breath and move on to the next one. You'll see the connection.

DEAR SUSAN: Your column is a disgrace to feminism. You speak at a time when sexism is at a new high, and you pretend we can be graceful feminists. Women don't give up being female when their anger erupts at the casual sexism so often encountered — jokes, touches, being ignored (or spoken over) in meetings. We had better, in your words, "spout our message at the drop of a hat." No one else will! Your column titled "Fusion Feminism" made me very angry.

Before your specs steam up, woman, hear me out. This is the time of the female, for sure. There are predictions of a female-dominated society in our not-so-distant future. Long suppressed, we are only now beginning to put into strong action our true beliefs. Let's be generous and extend our hand in friendship to the men who somehow instinctively understand our long-denied activism. But our generosity is not weakness! Quite the opposite. We're linked to nature herself; tomorrows are in our DNA. We're preparing younger women to bring their voices into their own tomorrows. But what does it accomplish if in the struggle to be treated equally we take on the worst behaviors of the privileged group?

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