Bitterness (Part 2)

By Susan Deitz

August 1, 2018 3 min read

If you've been musing on the power of bitterness and the awfulness it can play in a life, that's a step in the right direction. It tells me your complacency has been a bit rattled by my words and you may just be considering (for the first time?) your role in shaping the unpleasant endings in your life. Knowing this is just between you and me, look in the mirror at your best friend and admit your part in them. Don't take full responsibility, but do resolve to do better next time. At stake is a lifetime of positive outcomes.

Bitter people are always talking about "what might have been." "Life is unfair" is their favorite rationalization. They feel they've been robbed. Life has given riches and fame and happiness to others, but it has overlooked them. But odds are that digging deeper into their lives, you'll find missed opportunity after missed opportunity. Maybe fear is what has kept them chained to the familiar — fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of failing and maybe, just maybe, the greatest fear of all: fear of succeeding. Think about it.

Beware of those who rationalize their nothingness and pepper their excuses with might-have-beens and if-onlys. No one who steps up to the plate and takes a reasonable risk thinks like that. Far better to stay with the empowered — men and women who own their choices whatever the end result. They feel good about themselves and what they have done (and are doing) with their time, and you can bet they'll help you, too. Learn from those augmenters; become one of them. They sow good feelings, lift your spirits and help you believe in your dreams. Avoid life's diminishers — downbeat folks who get their jollies raining on dreamers' parades. Stay with the happy people.

The past is solely for educational purposes. Mistakes can be a badge of courage, if you pick yourself up and do better the next time. Each time you pick yourself up from one of life's blows, you're stronger for it. Losers say that life's unfair. The truth is that life doesn't do the cheating. We cheat ourselves when we choose to stay chained to bitterness.

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