Summer Quiz

By Susan Deitz

July 20, 2016 3 min read

Here, for your delectation and delight, is a cocktail of queries for those summer evenings when heavy events shadow your days and lightness is very much in order. Pick up your pencil, and prepare to have your brain tickled:

True or false?

—Being single means being alone and lonely.

—Unmarried women have a tougher time than unmarried men.

—Men don't want the same things from a relationship as women.

—Every woman should marry and have children.

—A woman is incomplete without a man.

—Being single means being second-class in society.

—An interesting, full single life leads to lifelong singleness.

—Men do not like independent women.

—Independence leads to selfishness.

—Independence means loss of femininity.

—My family is embarrassed that I'm not married.

—I'm a half-member of my family because I'm not married.

—I'm a half-member of my church/community because I'm not married.

—A woman's being financially secure keeps men away.

—People are either born independent or not; nothing can be done about it.

—Going places alone makes me look and feel like a reject.

—Everyone desirable is already married.

—Marriage and children are the ultimate fulfillment for a woman.

—Being single is not normal.

—Being married is much better than being single.

—Being older means being undesirable, rigid, out of touch and powerless.

—Friendship between men and women is boring and unromantic, the opposite of real love.

—Love must start with fireworks; otherwise, it cannot develop.

Free association

—When I tell people I'm not married, I feel...

—When people hear I'm not married, they feel...

—Single men/women have more fun than single women/men because...

—I like being single now more/less than I did a year ago because...

—The real reason to marry is...

—If I knew for sure I'd be single for the rest of my life, I would...

—If I could change one aspect of my life, it would be...

—The one thing I've wanted to do but don't because I'm not married is...

—When my single friends and I get together, we talk about...

—If I could describe single life in one word, it would be...

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