Never-Married Quiz

By Susan Deitz

February 3, 2016 3 min read

DEAR READERS: For your reading pleasure, a quiz. As always, this is not to judge yourself with a "right" or "wrong" response. The purpose is to hold up a mirror to yourself and search within for the current truth. Yes, our feelings can change. Our opinions change (or should) as we become more knowing about this life we've been given. This particular quiz is aimed at the never-married or, if you prefer, the always-single. But enough preamble...

—Have you chosen not to marry because you want to grow? Do you think it's possible to grow as an individual within a marriage?

—How do you intend to structure future love relationships? Does that planning include a marriage contract or another type of formal agreement?

—Have you not married because you don't want the responsibility of coordinating your sexual needs with those of another person on a long-term basis?

—Do you consider yourself promiscuous now — or having been in the past? What is your definition of promiscuity? Has that definition changed as you have grown within your singleness?

—What do you think you are missing by remaining unmarried?

—What do you think a married sex life entails?

—If you were to marry, do you think your sex life would change in terms of frequency and satisfaction?

—Why do you engage in sexual activity?

—Have you had close friendships with people who could have been sex partners that did not include sexual activity? Did you become closer or more distant because of that lack?

—Would you rather abstain than be part of casual or unloving sexual activity?

—How prepared were you to live without a mate?

—Are you or do you plan to be faithful to your partner?

—What do you consider to be the positive aspects of your singleness?

—What would you change in society that would make a single person's sex life more guilt-free?

—Which would you prefer, ideally, one love for a lifetime or one at each stage of your emotional development?

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