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By Susan Deitz

January 22, 2016 3 min read

DEAR SUSAN: Well, if you're really the queen of quizzes, please give us some food for the new year. — From the "Single File" blog

DEAR BLOGGER: The best part of my quizzes is they have no "right" or "wrong" to them; they're designed solely to show you to yourself. And now, in the early part of a new year, seems to be an apt time to hold up the mirror and take stock of your feelings about heading into it unmarried. You probably know by now how strongly I believe that you — and you alone — hold the power to make your life so fulfilling that marital status becomes incidental, as it should be. This inventory is as upfront and personal as you want it to be.

OK, enough preamble. Grab a pencil (without eraser) and let's begin. Mark "A" (agree) or "D" (disagree) beside each statement. (Please smile; this should be fun.) Ready?

—Being unmarried is lonely.

—Single women have a tougher time than single men.

—Men don't want the same things from a relationship as women.

—Everyone should marry and have children.

—Being single means being second-class in society.

—My family is embarrassed that I am not married.

—People are either born independent or not — and nothing can be done about it.

—Independent people are selfish. All they think about are themselves.

—An interesting, full single life leads to lifelong singleness.

—People are incomplete without a partner.

—Everyone desirable is already married.

—Going places/doing things alone makes me look and feel like a loser.

—Being single is not normal.

—Any partner is better than no partner.

—Being single is a temporary condition that must be ended as quickly as possible.

—Being married is more normal (and better) than being unmarried.

—Love should start with fireworks, or else it cannot possibly grow.

—Marriage and children are the ultimate fulfillment for everyone.

—Friendship between the sexes is boring and the opposite of true love.

—Women and men can't be friends; they're way too different.

More quizzes are coming in 2016. Promise.

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