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September 22, 2018 8 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke addresses Bill's sudden and unexpected kiss and tells him it can not be repeated. Thorne reassures an apprehensive Katie. Bill and Katie's custody battle becomes negative publicity for Forrester Creations. Brooke and Ridge speculate about Thorne and Katie's decision to have a quick wedding. In the dark about Brooke and Bill's secret meetings, Ridge issues a forewarning.

Justin gives Bill much-needed advice on how to make friends and influence people. Sally's dream comes true when Steffy expresses that she'd like to include her designs in the Intimates collection. Steffy and Sally get a flash of inspiration when they have an accidental run-in with Xander. Xander is thrilled when Steffy wants him to model her line. Zoe sees it as way to get closer to her former lover, but he backs off. Ridge and Brooke find themselves with opposite opinions about the custody battle. Bill comes undone when Katie shows him her engagement ring from Thorne.

Determined not to lose his son, Bill instructs Justin to do whatever it takes to ensure that he wins the custody battle. Hope and Steffy have heated words about Sally's gig with the Intimates line. Ridge makes a surprise, and uninvited, visit to Bill's office. Bill makes insulting remarks about Thorne, which angers Ridge.

Carter confirms to Katie and Thorne that a court date and judge has been set for their custody hearing. Bill holds firm to Ridge that he won't back down with regard to Will. Liam and Wyatt discuss Bill: his attributes, his flaws and whether or not he has what it takes to be a good father. The Spencer brothers have differing opinions on whether Thorne or Bill would be a better dad to Will. Liam is called on to take Katie's side in court. Wyatt must do the same for Bill.

Ridge makes an unusual request of Judge McMullen. Ridge, who gave him money for law school, asks him to find in Katie's favor. Thorne proposes a quick wedding to Katie. Not realizing that Ridge is keeping his own secret, Brooke worries that someone will find out about her clandestine meetings with Bill.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Despite his family's attempts to convince him otherwise, Victor remains resolute in his decision to ignore the possibility that he and Jack are brothers.

Worried about Billy and his leadership of Jabot, Ashley calls Traci into town, revealing what she's learned about his gambling. She tries to convince Traci to step in as CEO of Jabot, but Traci refuses, insisting that there's a better way to help their brother and suggests an intervention about his gambling.

Despite her decision to accept the job with the GCPD, Sharon starts to reconsider, but a pep talk from Nick reminds her of how much good she can do, so she decides to stick with it. Things are initially awkward between Sharon and Rey as they try to conceal their true motives, but the awkwardness fades when Sharon is given her first assignment: convincing a woman struggling with addiction to testify in court. Rey is impressed by how much Sharon cares and begins to second-guess his plan to deceive her. Wanting to make the most of her time at the station, Sharon snoops through some files Rey has gathered on JT, but her cover is almost blown when he catches her in the act.

Sharon's secrets also continue to affect her relationship with Nick, especially on the night of her bachelorette party. Mariah puts together a girls' night at the house for all the partygoers, followed by an evening on the roof deck.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Just after Kayla takes Marlena off life support, "Marlena" comes to. Her strange and crass behavior — calling her son "handsome," lashing out at Belle and Sami, lusting after Roman — seems odd. Kayla explains that "Marlena "is just groggy from the surgery and her medication. The truth is that Hattie has taken Marlena's place. Roman snuck her out of prison, Kayla took the comatose Marlena to a secret area in the hospital and John played the grieving husband. It was done so that DNR would not be put into place. John is horrified that "Marlena" wants to marry him ASAP. As evidence against Ben starting the cabin fire mounts, Ciara tells Tripp he was right and Ben did start the fire. Shawn and Rafe think Hope may have planted the evidence. Hope is furious about the accusations. Kayla is thrilled when she gets a phone call from Steve telling her things are fine. She confesses that she worked with Stefan to get Steve the bionic eye, which could be tracking info to Russia. Gabi drugs Abby and then places the Gaby's wig under Abby's bed. When the DNA test shows Lucas is the father of Bonnie's baby, he convinces Adriene to drop the charges against Bonnie. As Jennifer prepares to tell Eric about the real reason why Nicole left town, Eve pressures her to keep the secret. Will learns Paul needs long-term physical therapy if he has any hope of regaining the use of his legs. Having no money for lunch, Sheila steals Abe's credit card. Abe knows she is lying. Eli arrives on the scene and buys Sheila lunch. Lani tells Eli that, because of the miscarriage, she does not know when or if she will ever be able to be with him or anyone else.



When Wiley has the same heart condition as Michael had at birth, Brad fears the truth will come out. Monica assures Lucas and Brad that the defect is minor and will not require surgery. Jason admits that Robin losing five years of his life has been difficult. He assures her that, out of love for her and respect for Anna, he will not do anything to Peter. Sam asks Jason to spend more time with Danny and be careful working with Sonny about the body found in Charlie's basement. She also asks him to work things out with Drew. Julian asks Jason if he loves Sam enough to quit working for Sonny. The body in the basement belongs to Joe Skully's lawyer. Drew and Franco bond over Oscar's inoperable brain tumor. Kim wants to wait to tell Oscar until after his birthday, while Drew wants to tell him right away. Oscar is confused when Cameron asks him when he is going to reveal that he has brain cancer. Sonny is heartbroken when Mike says it is time to live in a facility. Sonny tells Carly he has just bonded with his father and he is going to lose him. Asked out to dinner by Kevin (Ryan), Lucy questions his odd behavior. Ryan, passing himself off as Kevin, says he is just overworked. Thanks to Ava, Griffen is banned from getting communion. Kiki is about to make up with Ava when she learns what she has done to Griffin. Finn and Chase learn their father Gregory has an illness that only Finn can cure. Curtis thinks Sasha could be Nina's daughter. Nina warns Maxie not to let Peter get too close to her.


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