Trivia Bits for Jul 14, 2020

By Leslie Elman

July 14, 2020 1 min read

There are more than 40 landlocked countries in the world, but only three independent states have the distinction of being geographical "enclaves" — that is, landlocked states surrounded by just one other nation. The Kingdom of Lesotho is an independent nation surrounded by South Africa. The Republic of San Marino and Vatican City State are located within Italy.

What do the national anthems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, San Marino and Spain have in common?

A) They don't have official lyrics.

B) They were written by the same person.

C) They have the same melody.

D) It's against the law to perform them in public.

Previous answer: "The Rain in Spain" is the song that accompanies an elocution lesson in "My Fair Lady."

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