Trivia Bits for Sep 23, 2019

By Leslie Elman

September 23, 2019 1 min read

What to give the bride and groom on their wedding day? It's a tough question. For the young Queen Victoria on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Albert, cheesemakers in the West of England collected the milk of 700 dairy cows to produce a wheel of cheddar cheese weighing more than 1,000 pounds that they gave to the couple as a wedding gift.

Which animated duo helped to revive the popularity of Wensleydale cheese?

A) Lilo and Stitch

B) Phineas and Ferb

C) Pinky and the Brain

D) Wallace and Grommit

Previous answer: Cubes are among the 3D "Platonic solid" figures that Plato described circa 350 B.C.

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