Trivia Bits for Jan 15, 2021

By Leslie Elman

January 15, 2021 1 min read

The first men's "briefs" were sold at Marshall Field & Company department store in Chicago in January 1935. Inspired by French men's bathing suits, the supportive undergarments made by the Cooper Underwear Company of Kenosha, Wisconsin, sold out immediately and became even more popular when a distinctive Y-front design was introduced. Because the briefs mimicked the fit of athletic supporters, they became known as jockey shorts. Babe Ruth was among the first group of celebrities chosen to endorse them.

To date, who is the only jockey to have won the Thoroughbred racing Triple Crown twice?

A) Eddie Arcaro

B) Steve Cauthen

C) Angel Cordero Jr.

D) Victor Espinoza

Previous answer: The toque blanche is a traditional chef's hat.

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