Trivia Bits for Sep 30, 2020

By Leslie Elman

September 30, 2020 1 min read

Giraffes get about 30 minutes of deep sleep a day, usually in bursts of five minutes or less. For this REM sleep, they lie down, tuck up their legs and place their heads on their behinds. That position makes them vulnerable to predators because it's difficult for them to stand up in a hurry. So they supplement their rest by drowsing on their feet periodically throughout the day, upright and able to run if danger arises.

The rock band R.E.M. formed when three of its members were students at what institution?

A) Bard College

B) Oberlin College

C) Texas A&M

D) University of Georgia

Previous answer: The most recent time a country hosted and won the FIFA World Cup was France in 1998.

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