Under Pressure

By Jenny McCarthy

July 8, 2014 2 min read

Despite the notion that summertime is meant for relaxing and enjoying the long days of sunshine and warmth, I tend to find myself busier than ever. Maybe it's the fact that I overcommit Evan and myself to endless activities, but I can't help it — there's just so much we want and are able to do.

Regardless, when all of these obligations — both fun and serious — present themselves to me, I start to feel the pressure building. Instead of hiding under the blankets, binging on chocolate and Lifetime, I try to combat the pressure in a more positive and effective way:

—Yoga: When the pressure's on, I beeline straight for a yoga class. That 60-90 minutes is the best stress-reliever I could ask for.

—Meditation: I've mentioned this before, but I seriously meditate while I clean. The motion of wiping off my counters while letting my mind let go of all of its urgent thoughts and demands allows me to feel as if I'm starting over with a fresh, clear mind.

—Nature: Do you have a special spot outside that you find to be exceptionally peaceful — somewhere in your backyard or neighborhood, under a tree or by a lake? Go to it and close your eyes for 20 minutes, or bring a fun book and read — nothing else. Let the sound of nature bring your peace back.

—Lists: I find gratification in making lists of everything I have to do and then crossing them off when they're accomplished. It helps me feel extremely productive and less overwhelmed when I can scratch an obligation off that never-ending list of to-dos.

How do you cope when the pressure is on and you have a million things to accomplish?

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