Thanksgiving Fashion: Fashionable Blessings

By Sharon Mosley

November 6, 2018 5 min read

There's a lot to be thankful for this season of the year when we focus on the positives in our lives even when it comes to what we wear. Unless you call a nudist beach home, you do have to think about getting dressed every day. And there are lots of small fashion blessings to appreciate. Here are a few of my favorites:

—Shapewear. With the holidays and parties approaching and waistbands expanding, shapewear has changed the way we solve wardrobe lumps and bumps along the way. Spanx founder Sara Blakely has made us all feel a little better about the shape we are in, with all kinds of innovative products. Her velvet leggings are a holiday hit for me, especially in the new shiny velvets. Check out the new "arm tights," too. A perfect solution for that underarm jiggle some of us have. (Just wait. It happens to the best of us!) Guys, there are lots of ways for you to shape up, too, just in time for the holidays ahead. (

—Sizes for all. Speaking of feeling better about ourselves, now there are more stores and labels than ever that are catering to a greater variety of sizes. Retailers and designers are finally catching on to that many American women wear a size 16 to 18 and up. The inspiring company Universal Standard, with creative founders Polina Veksler and Alex Waldman, offers luxurious quality at affordable prices for sizes 00 to 40. And if a piece from their core collection doesn't fit you within a year of purchase due to size fluctuation, they'll replace it in your new size ... for free! Check them out at before that Thanksgiving turkey dinner!

—Online shopping. Want a pair of red suede boots for that party on Friday? A pair of leather leggings for your date on Saturday night? Or a cashmere shawl for Aunt Mary before her 90th birthday celebration next week? With a few clicks, you can take care of fashion business any time of the day or night. It can be liberating and thrilling to discover new designers and new products that may have once been inaccessible to you where you live. With Target, Walmart and Amazon offering free two-day shipping, expect to see more deals right at your fingertips.

—Comfort shoes. Even though I love internet shopping, I also love perusing boutiques and malls at holiday time. And that requires comfortable shoes, right? Stilettos are for special occasions and are rare in my world, but sometimes I can't pass up a sparkling pair of silver sequined high heels. This year, the velvet mules are calling this party girl's name, too. Then I can always slip into my worn Frye cowboy boots with Dr. Scholl's inserts and life is good again. I'm gellin' again.

—Faux for sure. New advancements in the quality of faux fur have been dramatic in the past few years. Just in time for winter weather and the festive season ahead, the new soft and cozy coats are both warm and stylish. My favorite is the faux leopard jackets. Leopard has long been a classic neutral that goes with everything ... over jeans and a turtleneck or over a little lace dress. Fuzzy faux fur vests are another way to add a touch of glamour to holiday wardrobes. My feathery silver vest is ready to party!

And remember, in this season of thanksgiving, to pass on the blessings. If you have gently worn clothing, especially coats that you are no longer wearing, donate them to a charity of your choice. Check out for coat drives near you.

Inclusive sizes in stylish designs are one of fashion's biggest blessings. Cashmere sweater dress from Universal Standard, found online at
Inclusive sizes in stylish designs are one of fashion's biggest blessings. Cashmere sweater dress from Universal Standard, found online at

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