Well Heeled

By Sharon Mosley

February 21, 2017 4 min read

Square toes. Pointy toes. Round toes. Twinkle toes. The shoes this spring and summer are a study in contrasts where opposites attract and the possibilities are limitless. Footwear is fun again, so get that pedicure and start shopping now. Here are the shoe trends you'll want to slip into right now:

—Dig the heels. It's all about the heels this season. From low to high, kitten heels to midi heels to stilettos and from clear acrylics to circular geometrics, heels are making a major mark on footwear trends. And opposites attract: choose from chunky silhouettes to ladylike slim styles.

—Rise to the occasion with platforms and flatforms. There are plenty of Lady Gaga-like sky-high platforms out there this year, but there are also lots of ways to come back down to earth. From mid-high thick soles to flatter versions called flatforms, these wedge shoes are a trendy way to pump up the style volume and give your wardrobe a youthful attitude. Floral prints and rope trims are making the buy now list. Just make sure you can stay grounded and keep your balance with all that funky fun.

—Satisfy your hunger with sliders. From plastic pool slides to jeweled mules, these are the ultimate comfort shoes for spring and summer. Dozens of styles range from casual athletic looks to tailored menswear loafers to bedazzled cocktail party shoes. Pick your slides carefully. Some of these slip-ons this season have paper-thin soles and don't offer much support.

—Go for something extra with embellished footwear. These are the fun shoes. Extra details are the icing on the footwear this year. Think embroidery, appliqued flowers, fruit, pom poms, tassels, crystals, pearls, feathers and bows. Asian prints abound and feminine details flourish. If you have a special occasion coming up, look for shoes that have something extra going for them. They'll make your outfit.

—Think pink. Put away the black boots and treat yourself to delicious colors this spring. The pastel candy colors are a perfect way to put some spring into your step. From pretty hot pink to subtle blush to even more subtle nude hues, the sophisticated shoes of the season come in everything from slides to stilettos.

—Shine on. Metallics have become a fashion neutral in accessories, and shoes are having their shining moment too. Slip into some silver loafer slides, shiny purple slingbacks or satiny pink midi boots, and lighten up warm-weather wardrobes.

—Tie one on. Heels may be one focal point of fashion footwear this spring, but ankles may tie for second place. Ankles are wrapped and laced for added visual effect. Try a pair of strappy sandals in flats or heels tied up with ribbon for a walk down the red carpet or even down the beach.

—Sneak into spring. Sneakers have come a long way, baby. They've gone high fashion, and we all can appreciate the level of comfort that athletic-inspired footwear has to offer. White is still a springtime favorite, but bright colors are popping up everywhere. And how about slithering into a pair of python sneakers? And if sneakers aren't your thing, you can still go sporty with a pair of utility sandals or moccasins with lug soles. Supplement your trusty gym shoes with a new pair of these updated comfort shoes and wear them every single day.

(SET CAPTION) The embellished shoe steps out for spring. Hot Chocolate Design (www.hotchocolatedesign.com) (END CAPTION)

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