The Whole Truth

By Zig Ziglar

September 18, 2019 2 min read

Recently, our company was privileged to conduct a two-day "Born To Win" Seminar for the NBA, and the response was outstanding.

When I said we did a seminar for the NBA, I was telling the truth. However, chances are good you assumed I was speaking to the National Basketball Association. In short, I told a half-truth, which is far worse than a total lie, because a partial truth is more deceitful than an out-and-out lie. I was speaking of the National Benevolent Association, a century-old organization completely committed to helping the downtrodden in need of love, attention, medical care, food, training and a host of other things.

In this day of political correctness, we are changing the meanings of words to make them seem less judgmental. For example, we don't lie — we misinform (which is what I did in the opening of this column), by choosing not to clarify that which can obviously be misinterpreted. Frequently we communicate an incident that puts ourselves in the best light and try to make ourselves seem the hero when no hero was in sight. That's duplicity.

It's important to remember that we make many choices and every choice has an end result. Good character choices produce good results and bad choices produce bad results. Each of us should ask the question, How will this choice affect my life now and in the future? If it's a character choice, the results will be good 20 years from now. I love the expression that "truth can be denied, but it cannot be avoided." Ultimately, the truth is known. So, make the right choices and you'll have something to smile about.

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