This Week, the Answer Man Looks at Bugs and Critters

By Andy Seamans

By Dawn Seamans-Shook

May 31, 2014 1 min read

1. How does the earthworm breathe?

2. Insects breathe through spiracles. What are spiracles?

3. The common wasp builds its nest of paper. Where does it get the paper?

4. Which has more legs: a centipede or a millipede?

5. How far can a flea jump?


1. Worms take oxygen through their skin directly into their bloodstream. As a result, they must stay moist to breathe but will drown in too much water.

2. Spiracles are holes on each side of the insect's abdomen.

3. The wasp manufactures the paper by chewing wood from trees.

4. As the millipede's name implies, it has more legs than the centipede.

5. Fleas have been known to jump up to 13 inches horizontally and up to 7 inches vertically.

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