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Marc Dion
Marc Dion
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Rooskies Love Ratski


So plucky little NSA rat Edward Snowden is safe in Russia, a country that has apparently started to give free speech lessons to America.

Beautiful. We used to want to beat the Rooskies in the Olympics; now they're hiding out our whistleblowers, gaining the kind of moral high ground you don't get by winning the gold in women's powerlifting.

In the United States, if you kill 25 people at the behest of some organized crime "boss" and you turn rat, we cuddle you, give you a new name and ship your ratty self to the suburbs of Omaha, where you are free to open a doughnut shop.

If, on the other hand, you turn rat on the government, if you try to do what your dropout brain tells you is "the right thing," we will hunt you to the ends of the earth, until, finally, you will be given asylum by the boys in the fur hats.

First, the Japanese stole our auto plant jobs. The Koreans swiped the steel business. India snuck off with our textile industry. Now, the Russians are raking our high ground on the whole "innocent until proven guilty" business.

I've always said the real thugs are in government. John Gotti had, what, 30 people killed? How many soldiers died in Afghanistan? There are NSA guys in cheap suits and bad haircuts, guys making maybe $60,000 a year, who will, in the next year, directly cause the deaths of more people than John Gotti caused in a lifetime of cinematic-quality, pinky-ring-wearing criminality.

And the guys in the cheap suits get a pension, too.

You and I, we don't get a pension. Our government, which helps to break our unions, cheerfully hopes that we will be able to get no raises for three or four years at a time and still "save for retirement."

It's currently fashionable to worry about how much money you get on welfare. It's currently fashionable to grouse about the pensions handed out to garbage men in your town. I say, watch the $60,000-a-year NSA boys. Your garbage man picks it up, but they spread it around, and there are diseases in garbage. Terrible diseases. We pay these guys to create "right cause mayhem," and when we pension 'em off, they look just like any other old guy on the golf course. Fifty years from now, they'll be hunting these guys like Nazis, chasing them all over the world with a long list of the dead.

Snowden is probably set for life, particularly if he stays in Russia, a country with a long history of keeping American dissidents hanging around, like dancing bears.

America oughta be protecting Snowden. Flip him. Milk him. Turn him into a full-time cheese-eating rat, then hand him immunity and a pension.

It's more than they gave the guys who ratted out John Gotti, but then, the NSA is a much bigger "family."

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Sir;... Mr. Snowden is a good example to all those who try to sell what is good for the country when it is obviously bad for the nation...We hear that a lot, especially from press people who are supposed to know what is good for the country when what they say is not good for people, for the people, for the Nation we want to be... How can anything be good for the country if it is not good for the people of the country???...
When you think that 911 was not prevented because of any shortage of information, but was made possible by bureucracies defending privilages, and conflicts of personality, you realize they had quite enough of power before the fact... Here we have one more example of the privatizing of intelligence, as we have privatized all the functions of government we are able to, only to find expected savings vanish into profits, while people quite able to calculate the wages of sin for their dispicable labor look for all possible gain...
You say he is set for life??? His life is over, but there is still plenty that can be squeezed out of government, like there is much that can be squeezed out of Snowden, but in the end he will stand alone in the dock with the sweet taste of revenge souring for the squat he was paid for the profit that was made... Where was his loyalty??? Where was patriotism??? What company has a demand for those when what it pays is wages for labor??? Where is loyalty and pariotism to those who profit in every possible fashion out of the blood and want of this people???
If a job is worth doing it is worth doing for free; but such contractors come with a fee, and with Mr. Snowden we see the price all laid out, and that is the crime he will be destroyed for... He has revealed the true price of putting national security and national welfare in the hands of individuals whose sole loyalty is to wealth... Will any one truly make the argument that such people could not be found, used, rewarded, and pensioned by the government though the military???... Snowden could have been drafted, and housed in a barracks, and not because the long term cost would have been so much less, but for the threat of military justice, a firing squad, or a short rope... It is reasonable to expect that many in the military could refuse an order to do the Job Snowden did, because an order to spy on your own people without the least suspician of them would be unjust... When it comes to the dirty trade of secrets for money, the profit soon goes out of the process, simply because it is possible to get people to do the right thing for short money, but if the wrong thing is required of them, the price will never be high enough for some...
I am not saying Snowden was right in what he did... In a bureaucracy it is impossible for anyone to be morally aware... One hand does not wash the other... One hand never knows what the other hand is doing... When we think that the death camps worked with so few doing any actual killing, and yet with everyone, even the inmates having a hand in it, you can grasp the organization mind... People cannot be so stupid as to believe the government would not spy on us, because to their minds we are as much the enemy as any terrorist... And the people are right to be offended, even if not surprised, and yet are only offended to find the paranoia all people must suffer who are denied the facts of reality was actually justified... I think there are plenty of people who would strike at the government, and in fact, strike at many of their fellow citizens if they did not believe that the government would know what they were going to do before they ever considered seriously doing it... People feel the constraints of a police state only because they see how much law is in the service of the poor, and the rich; but is against them... I laugh at people out loud who believe there is a conspiracy in government to deprive us of liberty...If we considered such an end it would certainly be a conspiracy, but radical antinationalism is no crime in the name of self preservation... The government is already organized, and everyone who joins it finds themselves in an easy opposition to the people who pay them... Lions will sooner lay down with lambs than our government will join with us, and support our natural goals...
In this, is the government any different from any corporation that sees its success out of the injury of the people??? We have lots of people who say what is good for me is good for the country, but only the people in government really and truly believe it, and that fact makes their actions not conspiracy, but only more of the same self serving hogwash we should expect, and be used to by now...
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Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:54 PM
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