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Should I See a Doctor or Gamble I'm OK? Apr. 23, 2020

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I'm 18, and my boyfriend is 20. We have been dating for over a year now, and we started... Read More

March 11, 2020 Mar. 11, 2020

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: My wife and I are in our early 40s and have been married for six years. Two years after ... Read More

Santa's Not the Only One Who Needs to Check His List Dec. 20, 2019

Tales From the Front

When they met, Nicole was 29. She was a single mother, working two or three jobs. She didn't date mu... Read More

I Was Lucky To Have Children at All Oct. 16, 2019

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I'm a concerned mother who has enjoyed following your column over the years. Recently, ... Read More

Give Him the Brushoff Jan. 23, 2019

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I'm 15 and need your advice. I met a guy at a party and he asked me to go out with him.... Read More

Do What's Best for Your Child Jan. 12, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I have been married for three years. Two months after the wedding, I discovered that my ... Read More

Parents Made a Serious Blunder Nov. 22, 2018

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I'm 18, and my brother is 19. He is a superbrother, and I love him very much. I graduat... Read More

Parents Just Are Not Aware Nov. 20, 2018

'Tween 12 & 20

TEENS: Would your parents be upset if they discovered that you smoked marijuana? Shockingly, they ma... Read More

Fighting a Spike in STDs Nov. 07, 2017

Daily Editorials

In recent months, some news outlets have spotlighted an unwelcome public health trend: a reappearanc... Read More

Sex Ruins a Relationship Aug. 20, 2016

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I'm a 17-year-old young lady who has a major dilemma. Do I try to win back the guy I lo... Read More

Teen Sex and the Not-so-Occasional Treat Jun. 10, 2016

The Family Coach

Dear Family Coach: My ex-husband called me in a rage because he caught our 15-year-old daughter givi... Read More