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Whole Grains for Health Nov. 20, 2020

Nutrition News

Keep the whole grains coming. Not only do they help with diabetes, but new research finds they may i... Read More

Foods and Depression Nov. 06, 2020

Nutrition News

It may come as a surprise, but what we choose to eat can affect our mood. And as we head into the ho... Read More

Pumpkins Oct. 07, 2020

A Greener View

Q: Our pumpkin vines are growing very well. We have some that are already orange, but there are stil... Read More

Gut Health Oct. 02, 2020

Nutrition News

All diseases begin in the gut, according to Hippocrates. We're finding out he was right. Research l... Read More

Lowering Your Alzheimer's risk Sep. 11, 2020

Nutrition News

My uncle and my father-in-law both suffered from Alzheimer's. It's a terrible disease. So, is there ... Read More

Growing Pumpkins Sep. 02, 2020

A Greener View

Q: My pumpkins have turned orange, and it is still two months until Halloween. What do I do now? A: ... Read More

Growing Pumpkins Oct. 30, 2019

A Greener View

If you are planning ahead to next year's Halloween and need to repel vampires, it is not too late to... Read More

Pumpkin Mania Oct. 04, 2019

Nutrition News

Now that it's October, pumpkins seem to be everywhere. And our grocery store shelves are full of all... Read More

Pumpkins Oct. 17, 2018

A Greener View

Q: My pumpkin vine only has a few small pumpkins on it. It is too late this year, but what can I do ... Read More

Pumpkin Varieties Oct. 26, 2016

A Greener View

Q: Several local stores are selling sugar pumpkins. I have never heard of this kind of pumpkin. I wa... Read More

Powdery Mildew Aug. 17, 2016

A Greener View

Q: We have a large pumpkin patch, and most of the leaves have turned white. It appears to be powdery... Read More

Gobble Up! It's Bill Murray Day! Nov. 22, 2014

Katiedid Langrock

"A pumpkin! Mama, look! Pumpkin! Pumpkin!" "That's not a pumpkin, baby. That's Bill Murray." My 2-ye... Read More

Wizard of Id

Jan. 30, 2014

No Pumpkin for Putin in Ukraine: Reluctant Marriage With Russians Dec. 20, 2013

Suzanne Fields

Where you're born on the calendar of history makes all the difference in the world. We watch the pro... Read More

Economical New Instant Additions for New Year's Parties Dec. 19, 2013

After-Work Gourmet

New Year's Eve parties and New Year's Day galas may seem glitzy, but welcoming the new year in style... Read More