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Stop, Question and Frisk Feb. 26, 2020

Walter E. Williams

Before former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg threw his hat into the 2020 presidential race, h... Read More

Should Puerto Rico Be Granted Statehood? Nov. 19, 2019

Daily Editorials

There are more Puerto Ricans in Florida than in any state — more than New York. The trend has ... Read More

Riding the Range Near Mexico's Teotihuacan Pyramids Jun. 01, 2019

Travel and Adventure

By Nicola Bridges It's Children's Day in Mexico, El Dia del Nino, and in a tiny village two and a ha... Read More

New Yorkers Do to Florida What Latin Americans Do to America Mar. 05, 2019

Dennis Prager

Given the constantly reiterated left-wing charge that opposition to massive immigration is racist an... Read More

Potential US Armed Intervention Looms Over Venezuela Feb. 25, 2019

Daily Editorials

Even as President Donald Trump works to extricate the U.S. military from Afghanistan and Syria, admi... Read More

Short Takes on Weird News of the Week Feb. 06, 2019

Daily Editorials

Maligning the Melting Pot Veteran newscaster Tom Brokaw's comments about Hispanic Americans weren't ... Read More

Strike a Deal on Wall Funding Jan. 09, 2019

Daily Editorials

It's depressing — but, at the same time, fitting — that the new Congress has come to tow... Read More

Give Thanks for a Trump Thanksgiving Nov. 25, 2018

Wayne Allyn Root

This Thanksgiving, we should all thank President Donald J. Trump for putting an abundance of chicken... Read More

An Alternative to the Status Quo Nov. 22, 2018

Erick Erickson

Had John C. Fremont not run as a Republican in 1856, there would probably would have been no Lincoln... Read More

'Caravan' Just Turned Blue Wave into Red Tsunami Oct. 28, 2018

Wayne Allyn Root

I was one of the only commentators in the media who predicted a presidential victory for Donald Trum... Read More

The Caravan Moves On Oct. 22, 2018

William Murchison

"We are going to reach the United States," declares one Erasmo Duarte, as he and a couple of thousan... Read More

Don't Get Shot By the Cops! Wear Tweed! Nov. 20, 2017

Marc Dion

Recently, police in the city where I live shot a 19-year-old Hispanic man in circumstances that rema... Read More

Finding Dad in a Museum Aug. 18, 2015

Miguel Perez

There I was, on my Great Hispanic American History Tour, visiting yet one more gallery where our her... Read More

The Real Takeaways From the Halperin-Cruz Interview May. 12, 2015

David Limbaugh

Liberal media honcho Mark Halperin really showed his "colors" as he tried to de-Hispanify Sen. Ted C... Read More

Searching for Not-So-Hidden Hispanic Heritage in Washington, DC Apr. 21, 2015

Miguel Perez

When we go to our nation's capital, mostly as tourists trying to make time to cover all the major at... Read More

A Tour of the Remarkably Hispanic US Capitol Mar. 24, 2015

Miguel Perez

You see Hernando De Soto and his Spanish conquistadors as they discovered the Mississippi River. You... Read More

When Galvez Came to Congress Feb. 17, 2015

Miguel Perez

WASHINGTON — It took Congress 231 years to keep this particular promise, perhaps setting a rec... Read More

Jefferson's Spanish Library Jan. 13, 2015

Miguel Perez

He was the star of the Founding Fathers, the intellectual architect of our system of government, the... Read More

The Spanish Savior of St. Louis Jan. 06, 2015

Miguel Perez

Somewhere beneath the Hilton Hotel and Ballpark Village — the fancy new complex built by the S... Read More

Searching for Coronado's Quivira Dec. 30, 2014

Miguel Perez

After Spanish conquistador Francisco Vasquez de Coronado gave up on New Mexico because the fabled Se... Read More