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In the Heat of Summer, How to Avoid Heat Illness -- or Else! Jul. 31, 2018

Energy Express

Where is Ekkapol Chantawong when we really need him? Say what? Ekkapol Chantawong is the man who tau... Read More

It's Summertime Hot. Children Shouldn't Have to Die Jun. 25, 2016

Diane Dimond

BOISSER CITY, LOUISIANA — Three-year-old twins, children of a sheriff's deputy, were found unr... Read More

Sheriff Seeks Justice for Green Acres Dogs Sep. 09, 2014

Barks and Recreation

For all of his antics, you've got to give Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio credit: If he has his w... Read More

Heat Waves Are a Serious Health Threat Jun. 19, 2014

Lifelong Health

I often am required to attend horse shows with my wife and daughter. In midsummer, the temperatures ... Read More