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4 Top Tips for Coping With Food Cravings in Pregnancy Apr. 06, 2021

Tips from the Mommy MD Guides

Pregnancy and cravings go together like pickles and ice cream. Common cravings include ice cream and... Read More

5 Top Tips for Eating Better in Pregnancy Mar. 30, 2021

Tips from the Mommy MD Guides

Whatever you put into your mouth — chips and candy or carrots and cauliflower — nourishe... Read More

What Healthy Means Now Mar. 12, 2021

Nutrition News

There's a lot of chatter about what healthy eating really means. How do you put healthy eating into ... Read More

5 Top Tips to Encourage Healthy Choices Dec. 22, 2020

Tips from the Mommy MD Guides

Right now, you're laying the foundation for your child's lifelong eating habits. No pressure. But it... Read More

Help, We've All Gained Weight! Nov. 25, 2020

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: During the COVID-19 quarantine, I have gained some weight — about 15 pounds, to b... Read More

Broccoli Be Gone Jul. 08, 2020


A study published in Pediatrics says parental demands that kids eat all their vegetables or parents'... Read More

Eating for Your Heart Feb. 07, 2020

Nutrition News

Chocolate and Valentine's Day seem to go together, and while dark chocolate may have some heart-heal... Read More

Is Heart-Healthy Holiday Eating Possible? Dec. 06, 2019

Nutrition News

While celebrating the holiday and eating healthy may seem like a tug of war, there are strategies to... Read More

From Burgers to Black Beans: How to Wrangle a Kid Gone Meatless Oct. 01, 2019

Energy Express

It can happen in the best of homes. You think you've done everything right as a parent — good ... Read More

Belly Fat Hangs On -- and On. Learn To Let It Go Sep. 10, 2019

Energy Express

Of all the things America worships — the luxury car, the happy family, the high-paying job ... Read More

Eating to Beat Cancer Aug. 30, 2019

Nutrition News

Do we all worry about getting cancer? Hasn't it affected someone close to you in some way? My mother... Read More

Battling the Bathing Suit Blues Aug. 27, 2019

Tips from the Mommy MD Guides

As I sit in my home office wearing comfy sweats and slippers, the thought of putting on a bathing su... Read More

Blueberry Treasures Aug. 23, 2019

Nutrition News

Too often, we focus on what NOT to eat rather than what TO include in a healthy diet. The "nots" oft... Read More

Life's Simple 7 Aug. 21, 2019


Most likely, you've heard this advice before. Maybe you ignored it; maybe you've forgotten. Either w... Read More

More Fruits, More Veggies? Sing a Song of Salad Bars Aug. 20, 2019

Energy Express

Getting kids to eat their fruits and veggies wasn't a problem when that was all there was to eat. Wh... Read More

Prediabetes Concerns Aug. 16, 2019

Nutrition News

As a supermarket dietitian, I get quite a few questions about those who may have been diagnosed as p... Read More

Organic or Conventional? Why the Dirty Dozen Matters Jul. 23, 2019

Energy Express

It happens every summer in mid-July. I'm at the farmers market, scooping up the baby tomatoes, the a... Read More

A Healthy Gut Jul. 19, 2019

Nutrition News

You've probably heard how important gut health is to your immune system and to lowering your risk fo... Read More

Hitting a Plateau Jun. 07, 2019

Nutrition News

Have you hit a plateau in your weight loss? I'm working with a client now that can't seem to get her... Read More

The Weighty Issues Surrounding Ultraprocessed Foods May. 31, 2019

C Force

As discussed last week, studies of our immune system continue to demonstrate its central role in hea... Read More