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Why Are They Capitalizing 'Black'? Sep. 22, 2020

Dennis Prager

A few months ago, I noticed that my published column spelled "black" "Black." As I had submitted the... Read More

Today and Yesterday Sep. 09, 2020

Walter E. Williams

In matters of race and other social phenomena, there is a tendency to believe that what is seen toda... Read More

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Nonsense Sep. 02, 2020

Walter E. Williams

Check out any professional and most college basketball teams. Their starting five, and most of their... Read More

The Progressive Racism of the Ivy League Aug. 18, 2020

Patrick Buchanan

If the definition of racism is deliberate discrimination based on race, color or national origin, Ya... Read More

Is That Black Enough for You? Aug. 14, 2020

Marc Dion

What kind of Black are you? Are you Barack Obama Black — with a Black father who wasn't around... Read More

Harris Is a Strong Progressive Who Isn't Owned By the Left. It's the Right Fit Aug. 13, 2020

Daily Editorials

Picking a running mate is the first big test of a potential president's decision-making skills. Joe ... Read More

Biden's Game Plan -- Take No Risks & Run Out the Clock Aug. 07, 2020

Patrick Buchanan

When Vice President Calvin Coolidge ascended to the presidency on the death of Warren Harding in 192... Read More

The Biden Rule: 'No Men Need Apply!' Jul. 31, 2020

Patrick Buchanan

There is a real possibility that, this coming week, Joe Biden will be selecting the 47th president o... Read More

Is Racism Responsible for Today's Black Problems? Jul. 29, 2020

Walter E. Williams

I doubt whether any American would defend the police treatment of George Floyd that led to his death... Read More

History of a Colorless Man Jul. 24, 2020

Marc Dion

I'm a white man. I'm not "courtesy white," either, like some of the very light olive ethnics. It tak... Read More

Historical Ignorance and Confederate Generals Jul. 22, 2020

Walter E. Williams

The Confederacy has been the excuse for some of today's rioting, property destruction and grossly un... Read More

Rising Diversity Is Joe Biden's Worry, Too Jul. 21, 2020

Patrick Buchanan

Is her racial diversity America's greatest strength? So we are told. Yet, even before America become... Read More

Don't Hand Out Vaccines Based on Race Jul. 15, 2020

Betsy McCaughey

A federal committee is considering pushing Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans to the front of th... Read More

Was Trump's Mount Rushmore Speech Divisive? Jul. 10, 2020

Mona Charen

A number of conservative commentators have rushed to defend President Donald Trump's Mount Rushmore ... Read More

The Afterlife of America's Original Sin Jun. 25, 2020

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." — George Santayana I am amaze... Read More

Beholding My Country at a Distance Jun. 17, 2020

Cole Brown

I moved away from America while on the eve of completing my first book. It was a coincidence, but I ... Read More

That Old Black Magic Jun. 13, 2020

The Art of Design

Like the lyrics to the song "That Old Black Magic," black rooms have me under their spell. Lately, i... Read More

The Colors of Romance Jun. 12, 2020

Marc Dion

"I have black friends." "I don't see color." "All lives matter." "I never owned a slave." Yup. Yup. ... Read More

America Is Better Than This Jun. 04, 2020

Armstrong Williams

The orchestrated violence roiling an increasing number of American cities is cause for considerable ... Read More