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Antibiotics: Doing the Same With Less May. 12, 2021


New recommendations from the American College of Physicians suggest patients are taking antibiotics ... Read More

Antibiotics Unearthed to Kill Superbugs Mar. 07, 2018

Betsy McCaughey

Top public health authorities descended on Capitol Hill Thursday to sound the alarm about a grim fut... Read More

Up With Germs! Nov. 19, 2015

Lenore Skenazy

It's time for a microbes' rights movement. Too long have we reviled the misunderstood microbe as an ... Read More

The Barn

Jul. 22, 2014

Genes and Lifestyle Markedly Affects Breast Cancer Risk Apr. 24, 2014

Lifelong Health

Many factors increase breast cancer risk. A recent research study showed that women who frequently u... Read More

Antibiotics and Meat Apr. 04, 2014

Nutrition News

Should we be concerned over antibiotics in meat? Certainly the use has gotten a lot of attention rec... Read More

What if Antibiotics no Longer Work? Jan. 15, 2014

Jim Hightower

Have you had your daily minimum requirement of triclosan today? How about your dosage of triclocarba... Read More

Take Your Medicine, Carefully Nov. 20, 2013


Every year, up to 10 million American children risk adverse side effects from antibiotic drugs wrong... Read More