This Professional Was Unprofessional

By Dr. Robert Wallace

November 29, 2018 5 min read

DR. WALLACE: I will graduate from high school in June 2019. I will attend college and will not have a problem getting good college grades. I have been enrolled in college prep classes, and I have a B+ average.

My main reason to graduate from college is to earn a college diploma, and it doesn't make any difference what major I choose. I will enter the family business after college, but since my three older siblings already have college degrees, it is imperative that I, too, have that degree.

I'm not being silly. I'm deadly serious. What college degree takes the least amount of effort? That's the one for me. Any suggestions? My counselor has told me that physical education and social science are two of the more popular and easily attained majors. Do you know of any more? — Family Peer Pressure, New York State.

PEER PRESSURE: Shame on you for asking such a question! I agree that you are not being silly; you're being illogical. And unless you change your attitude, you will not be much of an asset to your family business.

Plan to do your very best when you enter college and select a school and a major that you know you will enjoy. Select a field you have a personal interest in or one that will teach you subjects valuable to your family business.

It appears that your counselor needs to take a course in effective counseling. The information given to you about "easy" majors by this "professional" was highly unprofessional!


DR. WALLACE: Our mom is a little overweight, and a friend of hers has encouraged her to have liposuction. She has tried losing weight by going on various diets, but she can never stick to them. My dad and I are trying to talk her out of this operation, but she continues to say that liposuction is the only way she will lose those unwanted pounds.

We've heard that liposuction can be dangerous, so we don't want to risk disaster happening to our wonderful lady just so she can lose a few pounds. We all love her just the way she is. Would you encourage a loved one in your family to have liposuction? Please hurry with your answer. — Dubious, Kansas City, Missouri

DUBIOUS: For those who don't know, liposuction is a medical procedure that literally sucks out fat from certain areas of the body. A recent study showed that in the previous four years, the death rate from this procedure was 1 in 5,000. That might not sound very high, but Dr. Robert del Junco, a former president of the California State Medical Board, says liposuction is the only cosmetic surgery with such a high level of risk. I personally find this death ratio much too high and would not encourage a loved one to have this procedure.


DR. WALLACE: My boyfriend for the past year is moving to his grandmother's house because his parents are getting a divorce. His grandmother lives about 100 miles away. Therefore, he wants us to break up so we can date others.

I love him and know that he loves me, so I want us to continue our relationship until such time that we can be together again. We are both 17. He doesn't think that long-distance relationships are good, but I do. Please give me your opinion. Should I try to convince him to stick with our relationship despite the distance that will soon be be'TWEEN us? — Anonymous, via email

ANONYMOUS: Long-distance relationships can work when both individuals are dedicated to make it work, but when one doesn't feel that way, it would be better to end the relationship for now. Seek to "rekindle" the flame only if and when you two are near enough to each other to connect more regularly — and when both of you feel the same spark at the same time.

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