Excellent Parenting Appreciated

By Dr. Robert Wallace

September 9, 2019 4 min read

DR WALLACE: I am a 16-year-old girl, and I read your column all the time. I have noticed many teens seem to write about problems with their parents. This makes me the exception because I have no problem with my parents. So, I have been motivated to write about my parents, not to complain, but to give praise where praise is due.

I believe they are close to being "perfect parents," and I love and respect them with all my heart! Yes, they are human and, therefore, not perfect, but they do deserve high marks for sure. We have a family of six, and my father is an excellent provider for our family, while my mother is a wonderful homemaker. My parents constantly show their love with us kids in many ways. They set down family rules and regulations after family discussions in which the children get to voice their opinions. This helps all of us kids to respect and obey the family rules we helped to choose. Mom and Dad make sure we understand the reasons behind some of the rules, and we follow them knowing they are for the benefit of all in our family. We have a few disagreements here and there, but we always talk them out as a group, and they are soon forgotten.

Our parents instill in us the importance of our education and encourage us to do our very best. They expect good grades, but do not put undue pressure on us. We can pick our own friends, and they are welcome in our home regardless of their background.

I love you, Mom and Dad, and I hope someday to repay you for all the wonderful things you have done for your children! — Proud Daughter, via email

PROUD DAUGHTER: Your letter will inspire many who read this column. Thanks for sharing your family's story. I'm well aware that a great majority of teens who contact me have serious problems often with one or both parents; accordingly, these young people often ask for my advice. I do my best to provide these youngsters with what I think will be their best solution.

So, on the flip side, it's always enjoyable to hear about parents who possess excellent parenting skills and are loved deeply by their appreciative children! You have some large shoes to fill someday when you become a parent, but you'll have had the advantage of seeing very successful parenting up close and in person over many years.


DR. WALLACE: My best friend is moving out of state. He has a pet hamster, and he wants me to have it because he knows I will take good care of it.

My parents think hamsters are "dirty, stinky and very ugly" animals. My friend says they're not. My parents tell me my friend is just saying that so he can dump his hamster on me.

Do hamsters make good pets? Please hurry with your answer. I actually like the furry little guy and know I could provide him a good home if I get a chance. — Pet Lover, via email

PET LOVER: Hamsters do indeed make wonderful pets. Visit your school or local library or use the internet to read up on hamsters, and then share the good news with your mom and dad. If you feel it may help, you can mention that I support your position in this instance. Every good pet deserves a loving home!

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