Two Hard Lessons Learned

By Dr. Robert Wallace

June 11, 2020 5 min read

DR. WALLACE: A girl at my school has been my best friend until a recent incident ended our friendship. Earlier this school year, before the COVID-19 virus shut down our school, my "friend" brought a bottle of tequila to school and drank it on campus with another girl! After lunch, my friend asked me to hide the bottle in my locker, just in case the teacher smelled alcohol on her breath and decided to search her locker.

Well, the teacher did smell alcohol on my friend's breath and on the breath of the other girl. When they searched their lockers, they didn't find the alcohol, so the vice principal said the girls would be suspended only three days instead of five if they told him where they got the tequila. Well, they blamed me! And when they searched my locker, the bottle was found, and I was in big trouble.

I was suspended for five days, and my parents grounded me three months, even though they knew the alcohol wasn't mine. They told me the grounding was for my stupidity. And now, with the virus problem, my parents basically have me on house arrest, as I'm not allowed to meet any friends anymore.

Why did I have to learn this lesson in such a hard way? I was actually the good person helping out my friend, and now I'm the one who got into the most trouble. It just is not fair. I never bought, stole or drank a single drop out of that bottle of booze. — Tried To Help my Friend, via email

TRIED TO HELP MY FRIEND: The good news is that you learned this hard lesson early in life, so now you know better than to accept possession of contraband and break school rules.

One of the keys to a successful life is to not repeat your past mistakes. Yes, you got the short end of the stick in this situation, but you learned a lot about what is and what is not true friendship.

You've now dealt with the bad news. The good news is that while there are many lessons to be learned in life, most of them are minor. Here you actually learned two of the bigger ones. First, don't hide any forbidden substance for anyone at any time, and second, evaluate your personal friendships more carefully.

The great news is that at your young age, you'll have the opportunity to meet several new friends over your lifetime. Choose them wisely, as faux friends can be dangerous to your reputation and freedom.


DR. WALLACE: A while ago, I met this cool girl at a party. We talked for about a half-hour, and then she excused herself and started talking to another guy at the party. The next time I saw her, I walked right up to her and asked her for her telephone number. She took my cellphone out of my hand and put her name and telephone number into the contacts. I thought this was really cool and meant she liked me.

So, I waited three days (to seem chill), and then I decided to call her. When I dialed the number she had programed into my phone, it turned out to be a local animal shelter, and they said she didn't work there. In fact, nobody there had ever heard of her.

I know now that she gave me this phone number just to get rid of me. Do you think she made up the number on the spot, or did she give me the shelter's number on purpose because she thought I was a "dog"? My sister made me laugh by saying that she was "sheltering" my feelings either way! — Perplexed in Texas, via email

PERPLEXED IN TEXAS: I'm thinking she made an honest mistake because if she thought you were a "dog," she would not have spent 30 minutes of her valuable time talking to you at the party.

But on the other hand, since there are many fine people who are animal lovers in our country, it's possible she paid you — accidentally or on purpose — a compliment!

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