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By Dr. Robert Wallace

June 15, 2020 5 min read

DR. WALLACE: I'm a woman of 17, and I know you often say that sex is more likely to break up a teen relationship than make it stronger. My boyfriend and I are blissfully in love, mostly because we express our physical love in a variety of intimate ways almost single every time we go out together. He has an older friend who lets us use an extra room in his apartment whenever we want it. We have never been closer or happier together. So, let your teen readers know that sex does not always "ruin" relationships. It actually brings some teens closer together. — Happily Physical With My Guy, via email

HAPPILY PHYSICAL: My first suggestion for you is to make sure your boyfriend uses a condom when he makes you physically happy. I also suggest you read the following letter from my archives on this topic. It's from a young lady who shares an opposite view to yours.

DR. WALLACE: From my own personal experience, when a young lady has a boyfriend who tries to pressure her into having sex, it would be wise to say no. I'm a 19-year-old college freshman, and the last three guys I've been involved with have been around the block a time or two — perhaps several times. They all said they respected me because I had the guts to say no to their incessant sexual advances.

There are some girls at my school who are very sexually active, and as a result, they date a lot of guys. But if these girls could hear what is said about them behind their backs, they might rethink this decision.

My steady boyfriend had been around, and he told me the reason he knew he was in love with me was because I was the one girl who he enjoyed being with even though there was no sex involved.

To the other girls who are worrying about whether they should go all the way, I say, don't let anyone pressure you into having sex! You'll know if and when the time is right, and that may be before or after marriage. Regardless, it should never be rushed or coerced.

I held out, and many, many guys — even ones I broke up with — later told me they respected me for it. Keep saying no. You won't regret it!


DR. WALLACE: I'm really upset. I was in the 12th grade and looking forward to attending our school senior prom, and all that was lost when our high school was closed because of the coronavirus. It's not just me; all of my friends are upset and frustrated, too.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad I haven't caught the virus and no one in my family has either, but I'm very sad that I will miss the best dance in the world because of some stupid virus. — Beyond Disappointed, via email

BEYOND DISAPPOINTED: The COVID-19 virus has infected millions of human beings on our planet and has caused severe illness and/or death to millions — and it continues to do so as I write this column today.

Sadly, we haven't yet found a medical solution to this horrible pandemic, but the good news is that there are many professional scientists working day and night in search of a cure and a vaccine. Hopefully, this disaster will end soon, and humanity can return to a healthy, peaceful world.

Since you and all your classmates (and many in your situation around the world) lost a chance to attend a senior prom in 2020, see if it might be possible for the class of 2021 to invite the class of 2020 to attend their prom next year. It could be the best high school prom ever, with the extra bonus of also being your first high school reunion. I've heard from several teens via many letters with this same idea, and some schools are already in the process of setting this up. I personally like the idea but realize that it won't be possible for the entire class of 2020 to attend, as some of your classmates will be living far away at out-of-state colleges.

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