Your Boyfriend Won't Be Arrested

By Dr. Robert Wallace

February 1, 2019 4 min read

DR. WALLACE: I'm 16, and so is my boyfriend. We've been dating for over a year and only recently have become sexually active. We are both intelligent teens who are in love. When we have sex, he uses protection — 100 percent of the time.

My parents are very strict. They were born in Japan and do not believe in premarital sex for teens. I keep a diary, and every time my boyfriend and I have sex, I list it in the diary, along with certain notes about our encounter. I keep the diary hidden under my mattress.

Last night, I was reading my diary to find out how many times we've had sex together (27 times). I started reading about the interesting details of each "lovemaking" adventure, and somehow, I fell asleep before I could hide my diary.

You guessed it: My mother came into my bedroom to wake me for school and found my personal diary. Most moms would have left the diary alone, but not my mom. She took it and read all the juicy details and then started screaming at me that she was going to have my boyfriend arrested for statutory rape. I told her that he was 16 and couldn't be arrested.

Can you imagine how many guys would be in jail if age 16 was the legal age for statutory rape? — Anonymous, Seattle

ANONYMOUS: Most mothers in America would be shocked and stunned to find themselves reading a daughter's diary and discover she had sex 27 times with her boyfriend simply because they consider themselves to be in love. Your first mistake was thinking that sex proves a teenage couple's love for each other. Wrong! Premarital sex only proves lust. Writing interesting details of each "lovemaking" adventure was not a wise decision, even if it was usually tucked where you assumed it was safe under a mattress. You must now have a serious discussion with your mom. Tell her that you are sorry for your behavior and that you now realize love can flourish without premarital sex and that the sex can wait until after marriage. The good news is that your boyfriend will not be arrested for statutory rape.


DR. WALLACE: My boyfriend has been arrested and convicted for selling cocaine and is serving a six-month sentence. I am holding some of his cocaine in my garage, but I'm very nervous about it. I can't figure out if I should get rid of the coke or keep it until he gets out. I don't have any idea how much this stuff is worth. I weighed it and it weighs about 3 ounces. Your advice will be appreciated. — Anonymous and Nervous, San Francisco, California

ANONYMOUS: Flush it all down the toilet right away! If he wants "his" cocaine when he gets out, tell him that you disposed of it and then dump him, too. A life with him would be miserable for you. Wise up and move on.

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