The Party's Over

By Dr. Robert Wallace

January 28, 2019 4 min read

DR. WALLACE: I am 17, and my problem is a guy. What else is new? He and I have been dating on and off for over three years. We always break up because of an argument, which I usually start.

The final time we broke up, we had a violent argument about him smiling at other girls while he was out with me. Yet he still cared enough about me to invite me to the senior prom. We went, but we fought the entire night. Regardless, I still had a lot of fun with him that evening.

Well, to make a long story short, he's is now a freshman at our local university, and I'm a senior in high school. Now, I realize that I do love him and that I was the one causing all the problems and strife.

I wrote to him several times to tell him how I feel, but he will not answer me. Last week, he was in town. He called me and we met at a local restaurant. He told me not to contact him anymore because he had no "feelings" for me, that he was dating a "college girl" and that he never wanted to see me again. Dr. Wallace, I still think this guy cares for me. I'd like to invite him to my birthday party, but before I do, I'd like your opinion. — Heartbroken, via email

HEARTBROKEN: The party is over, unfortunately, with this particular guy. Find someone else to be your guy, and if you want to keep a new friend around for a while, don't make the same mistakes you made in your previous relationship. One great thing about life is that it regularly gives us opportunities to learn from our past mistakes, make future adjustments and apply lessons learned to our benefit going forward. I trust that the experiences you've gone through in this facet of your life will pay you dividends in the future. Good luck, keep your head up and always seek to keep improving!


DR. WALLACE: I'm 12 and sick and tired of all the stupid boys in my class. All they want to do is tease me, tease the other girls in our class, say stupid things and punch people. They punch each other and sometimes punch us girls on the arms. Not really hard, but enough to get a girl's attention. I know there is likely not too much I can do about this, but it does feel better just to write to you about it.

I'm sick and tired of these brats! Some days, I daydream that I will wait until I am in college before I ever start dating. I sure would not ever want to date any of these immature, shallow boys that I go to school with right now. When should I even start to think about dating? Will the boys ever calm down? Soon to Be a Teen, via email

SOON A TEEN: At 12 and going on 13, you are indeed amid some immature young men. Girls tend to be more mentally mature at your age than boys are, but the good news is that they are going to catch up fast pretty soon. Yes, these "brats" are going to grow up, and most will quickly grow out of this behavior. Presently , the boys are both physically and mentally a little behind you girls in maturity, especially emotional maturity. That won't always be the case as you grow older and go through your teenage years. Hang in there! Better and more interesting days await you and these boys as they mature. Be thankful you have the maturity and wisdom you've attained so far at such a young age. I trust you will find some boys worthy of dating when you reach your high school years, and those years will be here for you before you know it!

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