She Wanted to Spice Up Her Marriage and Wound Up Needing Pepper Spray

By Cheryl Lavin

May 17, 2019 3 min read

After 25 years, a marriage can go stale. That was the state of Andie's marriage when she met Brian. He was a photographer with a distinguished resume, and she decided to have him take some "glam" photos. What she got instead was her life turned upside-down.

"I wanted something a little ''blue' to spice up my marriage. He sent me some of the initial photos. They were great. I asked him what I owed him. Apparently, he felt I owed him 'dating.' I was married! 'Dating was not an option. All I was doing was trying to save my marriage. We argued for a month, to no avail."

Andie and her husband went on vacation. They were gone for three weeks. When she got home, there were 99 phone messages on her answering machine.

"They were from men all over the world asking to have sex with me. One day, I intercepted a call from a man and asked him how he got my information. It seems while I was gone, Brian was playing games. He created a false profile of me, using one of the photographs he took, with my real phone number."

Andie says it took an attorney, a subpoena "and a lot of hassle" to get the profile removed.

"Of course, Brian denied any involvement, despite the fact that my attorney obtained evidence to prove otherwise."

That wasn't all he did. Andie says he would drive 120 miles round-trip just to drive past her home. A few months later, Andie's marriage fell apart, and they divorced.

Brian continued to stalk her. "I changed my cellphone number. I moved twice. I got involved in a relationship with someone else. Brian wouldn't let it go. He tormented me. He lied. He followed me. He used mutual friends to gather information on me. He convinced one of my co-workers that he was a long lost friend and got my new cellphone number. He called me and continued to torment me."

Andie was finally able to get the police involved. He was now on their radar as a stalker. She moved once again. Friends told her that Brian was "desperate" to find her. "I erased my footsteps. I bought a condo and listed my phone in the name of a deceased relative. I changed my cellphone carrier and did everything I could to hide from this sick, weird man."

How sick is Brian? How weird is he? He's now serving an 11-year sentence on multiple child pornography charges.

"When his computers were seized by the authorities, they were able to see how he had tormented me for years, how he had stalked me. No one has ever instilled more fear in me than this sick little man. I applied for and got a concealed carry permit. The day that son of a bitch is released, I'll be strapping on a holster!"

Have you ever been stalked? Have you ever stalked anyone? Send your tale, along with your questions, problems and rants to [email protected] And check out my e-books, "Dear Cheryl: Advice from Tales from the Front" and "I'll Call You. Not."

Photo credit: cocoparisienne at Pixabay

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