Psycho Boy: Part II

By Cheryl Lavin

January 24, 2016 3 min read

Today, we continue the saga of Devon and Psycho Boy, her sociopathic boyfriend ...

Devon says Psycho Boy was insanely jealous. "He didn't want me talking to men, ever. If we went anywhere—on my dime, of course—and I ran into a man I knew, he would just leave me. All told, he left me at three different sporting events and two parties. He accused me of arranging to meet the men to have sex with them.

"I couldn't buy new night gowns, bras or panties without him thinking some man had bought them for me or that I was buying them to impress someone else.

"I had confided in him that while I was unhappily married, I was unfaithful to my husband. He said he understood. But then he began constantly throwing it my face. He said if I'd cheat on the father of my children, I'd cheat on anyone.

"He'd make dates with me, not show up or call. I eventually came to realize that this was his way of controlling me, keeping me at home, waiting to hear from him, while he was partying with friends. Of course, it was always my fault. I'd said something to offend him or he had gotten the impression I really didn't want to go out due to some mysterious inflection in my voice or some phrase he said I used that I didn't recall using

"Whenever I planned a party, he'd find a way to sabotage it. My kids starting referring to Christmas at our house as 'A Jerry Springer Christmas.'"

Psycho Boy stood Devon up for her birthday in 2013 and that was the final straw. After six years of his abusive treatment, she'd finally had enough and broke up with him. When he realized she was serious, the harassment and stalking began.

"Since then, he's made my life a living hell. He's followed me, harassed me, my friends and men I've gone out with, burglarized my home, put nails in tires. You name it, he's done it."

Devon says she's on a "first name basis" with a detective on her local police department. She has a No Trespass order against him but she can't get a restraining order unless he threatens her with bodily harm. The District Attorney told her, "It's not illegal to be love sick."

"My biggest fear is that he'll never stop. Just this last weekend he left a blank post-it note on my car window while I was out with friends. Just to let me know he's still around. The police have recommended I move, but I have two teenagers in high school and my neighbors look out for me. If I moved, he would find me anyway, and I would feel much more vulnerable among strangers.

Are you involved with a sociopath? Send your tale, along with your relationship questions and problems to [email protected] And check out my new ebook, "Dear Cheryl: Advice from Tales from the Front."

Photo credit: Boris Thaser

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