The Sexual Bill of Rights

By Susan Deitz

October 16, 2019 3 min read

Realizing that sex is an integral dimension of well-being, I will incorporate sexual fulfillment into my singleness in ways that mesh with my personal morality.

Being of adult age and with a reasonable amount of life experience, I will aim toward being both sexual and autonomous, assuming full responsibility for my decisions.

I will adopt a consistent live-and-let-live attitude when it comes to others' sexual choices.

I will shape a code of sexual conduct from my personal needs, with the purpose of attaining peace of mind, sexual fulfillment and general ease.

I will not allow myself to be coerced insofar as sexual behavior is concerned, nor will I influence others in that respect, as sexuality is a personal and private aspect of our uniqueness.

I will assume full responsibility for my own sexual gratification and the communication thereof to my partner, bearing in mind that sexual undependence enhances erotic pleasure and deep intimacy.

I will reserve the right to remain sexually virgin or chaste, realizing neither state is harmful. Rather, I fully realize that abstinence can come with periods of peak productivity and creativity. I will avoid those who attempt to dissuade me from my chosen lifestyle.

I will not be enslaved by useless and destructive sexual stereotypes that view the male as aggressor and the female as passive participant.

If I choose, I will bring to masturbation an attitude free of shame and guilt, knowing it is a natural and legitimate source of sexual release. It does no harm, can serve to prepare for coupled sex and can give insight into my own sexual tastes.

As I age, I will bear in mind that sexual needs are lifelong, appropriate and healthy aspects of later years and ought not to cause shame or embarrassment. Rather than denying them, I will express my sexual needs through wholesome and appropriate outlets.

I will respect the fact that all persons, including the mentally and physically challenged, are entitled to fully dimensioned relationships, sexual expression and fulfillment among them.

I will be aware and responsible in respect to sexually transmitted diseases and will do my utmost to encourage intelligent, responsible choices in myself and in others.

I will be prudent in my sexual dealings, choosing abstinence over mindless risk. For as much as I value gratifying sex, I'm not willing to risk my health for it.

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