Ticklish Questions

By Susan Deitz

July 31, 2019 3 min read

Parenting is a privilege. Being the main influence in the lives of your children is an honor and a blessing. And at times, a royal pain in the neck!

But single parenting has to be — hands down — the most complex, demanding situation in all of the single world. It's exhausting, complicated, seemingly never-ending, emotionally draining — and in the end, the most rewarding role of all permutations in the unmarried community. As a young widow, catapulted overnight into the single world, I became Chairman of the Board of my small family. The role is to this day deeply etched into my thinking, forever changing my priorities. So let's get to the questions I've formulated specifically for unmarried parents with on-premises children. I promise some of them are ticklish!

Why are you single again? (If divorced, please indicate who initiated the divorce.) How long were you married?

If you date, do your children resent it? If so, how do you handle the situation?

Do your sex partners sleep over in your house? When the children are home? How do you respond to their questions about your sexual activity and relationships?

Do you believe the way you conduct your sex life is consistent with the way you are rearing the children?

Were you sexually faithful to your spouse during marriage? If you will remarry, do you intend to be faithful to your partner?

How do you intend to prepare your children to handle their sexuality as unmarried adults? What would you like them to know (that you didn't) about their sexuality?

What do you miss about family life? What do you think your children miss?

Have your sexual responses changed since you've been single?

How does your sex life as a single person compare (in terms of frequency and satisfaction) with your married sex life? Are you more sexually assertive and imaginative since you've become single?

More issues to be explored.

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Photo credit: RachelScottYoga at Pixabay

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