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By Susan Deitz

July 5, 2017 3 min read

Feeling a bit jumpy from the day's news — and grind? Well, you're invited to kick off your shoes, pour yourself a cold drink and have fun. This is going to be a summer of brain ticklers, where you can kick back and relax and then fast-forward your answer. Oh — one more thing: There just may be some current events tossed into the columns, so be ready for them. For example, according to The New York Times, the number of over-50s cohabiting with an unmarried partner jumped 75 percent from 2007 to 2016 — the highest increase in any age group. More seniors are skirting legal commitment, and certainly grandchildren can't be responsible for all of them. Lots to ponder, no? But for the moment, let's turn back to the day's questions, asked this time of the never-married/always-single person:

—Have you chosen not to marry because you've put personal growth first? In your opinion, is it possible to grow as an individual within marriage?

—How do you intend to structure future love relationships? Does your plan include a marriage contract?

—Have you not married because you don't want the responsibility of coordinating your needs — sexual and others — with those of another person on a long-term basis?

—Do you believe you've ever been promiscuous as a single person? What is your definition of promiscuous, and has it changed since you've been living single?

—What do you believe a married sex life involves? Which of its aspects do you believe you're missing out on because you're not married?

—How do you intend to structure your sex life as a married person? Would that be — is it — an important part of your must-haves in selecting a spouse?

—If you marry, do you think your sex life — in terms of frequency and satisfaction — will be different than it is now? In what ways?

—Do you feel that the familiarity of marriage adds or subtracts from sexual desire?

—Do you plan to have children within or outside marriage? What would you tell them about a sex life as an unmarried person?

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