By Susan Deitz

May 31, 2017 3 min read

Word has it that my readers like quizzes — really like them, as in they're looking forward to having their brains tickled and teased. So, dear ones — you are indeed dear to me — herewith is another quiz for brain tickling and not-too-ponderous musing. These brain ticklers first appeared in my book "Single File" and have undergone several instances of editing since. As I learn more (from personal experience and your wise feedback) about this single life, it seems only logical that I pass those changes on to you. Ready for them?

Agree or disagree?

—A woman's being financially secure turns men off.

—My family is embarrassed that I'm still not married.

—I feel like a half-member of my family because I'm single.

—An interesting, full single life can lead only to lifelong singleness.

—People are not complete if they don't have a mate.

—Every person — male and female — should marry and have children.

—To be completely accepted in society, a person must be married.

—Being single means being alone, lonely and considered different.

—Unmarried women generally have a much tougher time than unmarried men.

—Men don't want the same things from a relationship as women.

—In the process of becoming independent, women pay the price of losing their femininity.

—Being on your own isn't normal.

—Any mate is better than no mate.

—Friendship between a man and a woman is boring and the opposite of real love.

—To be the real thing, love must start with blazing fireworks.

—Smart cookies let the man make the first move — in everything.

—Friendship between the sexes isn't possible. They're too different.

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