Create Love

By Susan Deitz

March 7, 2018 3 min read

You sigh for it — and sometimes your sighing deepens into outright yearning. You dream of discovering lover and best friend in one wonderful one. Your yearning is hidden from the daylight in a zillion ways, but in the dark of night, masks slip and your yearning for "the real thing" becomes your bedmate.

Listen up. Did it ever occur to you that your yearning can be activated — that you can actually do something to attract love? For most of us, the thought is surprising — if not downright shocking. But I find the thought so delicious that right here and now, I'm asking you to put your doubts on hold and dream along with me.

The setting for my dream scene is everyday real. You're the star, of course, on your way to work or class, thinking your usual morning thoughts, planning your workload, when wham! You find yourself face to face with an appealing someone (gender of your choosing), who looks deep into your eyes and edges a step closer. What happens next? Well, if you've been busy making yourself into a love magnet, the future looks rosy.

But — how to do that? How to make yourself lovable (i.e., fertile ground for love)? The way I began (yes, this is my own experience) was to start monitoring my thoughts and deleting criticism before it left my lips. It was a gradual process. Two steps forward, one back. Even now there are flashes of my former self — modified cattiness — but their shelf life is short. Kindness gets to be habit-forming, I discovered, because the feedback from the outside world is so positive. I find the concept of creating love to be thrilling.

Knowing you can do something to augment the possibilities of finding love is not only empowering but also, in a way, transformative. I find myself happier when I'm kinder toward the world and to myself. And I promise that good things — and good people — will gravitate in your direction when you make gentleness and kindness a large part of your identity. The tenderness you've chosen to nurture in yourself will move outward, toward a world very much in need of it and hugely appreciative. What happens next can be wonderful indeed.

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