I Was Right About Trump's Wall

By Marc Dion

April 9, 2018 4 min read

I remember my bartender father coming home with scraped knuckles.

"I could tell when the guy walked in there was something wrong with him," Pop said as my mother poured Mercurochrome into the small abrasions, the results of breaking up a fight and having to hit the guy who looked like something was wrong with him.

"Geez, I hate being right," Pop said as the Mercurochrome stung him.

Everyone hates to be wrong, but there are times when it's not so good to be right, either.

Back in June 2016, when it seemed as though the uninspiring, out-of-ideas but probably-not-crazy Hillary Clinton was going to be the president if the United States of America, I contemplated worse things than Clinton's "steady as she goes" campaign.

Writing a column just after Memorial Day, I noted:

"The memorials get bigger and the ceremonies get longer the more wars America fails to win, yet doesn't exactly lose. In addition, every ceremony does some heavy hearkening back to World War II, the last war we won outright. If America fights four more draws, I predict Memorial Day will last until Christmas."

As I write this week's column, a trembling overtaxed nation in love with the sound of gunfire awaits the possibility of a military parade whose central object of celebration will be President Donald J. Trump, for whom hundreds of parading troops will walk by the reviewing stand, presumably holding their noses in salute.

And in that column, I wrote of Trump's wall:

"You're going to need guards on the wall, and not the Border Patrol, either. There are not enough Border Patrol agents to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on top of the wall, three shifts a day, seven days a week. Anyway, they make too much money. It'd cost us a fortune to keep the wall manned.

"You're going to need an army for that, and we've got an army. We've got an Army Reserve, too. We've got a National Guard. They've all been to Iraq and Afghanistan, too, so they're used to the kind of desert conditions you find down on the border.

"And it's not like the soldiers can stand on the wall with bullhorns and shout at the Mexicans, 'Hey, we've got an army up here. You better go home!'

"When they had a wall to keep people from escaping East Germany, the soldiers on top would shoot you dead if you so much as touched the wall. It's the only thing that works. So, someday, if we build the wall, your son or daughter who joins the Army will be rotated to the border with his her unit and told to do wall duty.

"And he or she will sit, with a rifle, and shoot the Mexicans who make a run at the wall. Men. Women. Children. Young girls with babies in their arms."

Turns out we're going to send in the Army before we build the wall, another heartfelt tribute to the ass-backwards nature of the Trump Misadministration.

Almost two years later, as I feel the sting of truth in an open cut, I think, "Geez, I hate to be right."

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