Get Out Of The Republican Party!

By Marc Dion

April 17, 2017 5 min read

As Trump Administration Misspokesperson Sean Spicer just proved, Republicans remain unconvinced about the evil nature of Adolf Hitler. They're not too sure slavery was that bad a deal, either.

Spicer most recently did a great job of damn near denying the Holocaust, while simultaneously referring to concentration camps as "holocaust centers."

"Holocaust center" sounds like "teen center." How bad could it have been? Basketball. A homework club. Free showers.

I don't believe everyone who voted for Trump is a racist. I do believe everyone who is a racist voted for Trump. Trouble is, the Republican Party can't or won't give the jackboot to the semi-Nazi thugs who hang around the party and who, unfortunately, gave their votes to Der President.

There are perfect moments to do it, too. Black History month. Passover. Remember during the campaign, when Trump was getting praise from a bunch of nut-job Nazi web sites? Perfect moment.

Want to get the crazy Christian, anti-Semitic, bigoted freaks out of the Republican Party? Here's what you say:

If you believe black people are first cousins to the monkey, if you think slavery was a good deal because slaves got free banjos, if you believe the Civil War was NOT about slavery, if you believe most people on welfare are black or if you believe that the majority of American slaves were Irish, get the hell out of the Republican Party. You're dangerous and stupid, and the party doesn't believe anything you believe.

If you believe Jews are using their control of Hollywood to destroy American culture, if you believe "the Jews" are the real reason your high school dropout ass can't get a good job or if you believe weird biblical stuff about Israel, get the hell out of the Republican Party. You carry a 2,000 year old virus that pushes old men into poison showers.

If you think gays "recruit," if you think all the textbooks in high school can be replaced with a copy of the Bible, if you think women are only good at being mothers and whores or if you disbelieve the newspapers, but believe everything you read on web sites that purport to reveal the "real truth" about the Federal Reserve and Obama's birth certificate, get the hell out of the Republican Party.

Go join the Klan or the Nazi Party or any other group composed of people who get swastika tattoos on their faces. We do not want you joining our party or attending party functions. We do not want your support, your money or your greasy uninformed little vote. If we lose elections, we lose elections, but we won't pimp to the worst side of human nature just to win.

You are a bigoted, twisted, hate-drooling fool, and you peddle every piece of garbage philosophy that has ever made America less than it ought to be, less than it can be and less than it will be in the future.

Republican candidates, if elected, will represent all Americans. No Republican wants see a return of Jim Crow or "restricted neighborhoods," or a lack of opportunities for women and gays. No Republican will ever say "state's rights" when he means the vile, filthy business of bigotry. No Republican will ever support a billionaire's imaginary rights to pollute your environment, kill your union, eat your pension or drive down your wages.

If you don't like that, take your gun and your American flag hat and your Bible and leave.

That's what you say, and that's how you say it, and no Republican will ever say it because, at the bottom of it, their party remains the party of badly disguised hatred.

To find out more about Marc Munroe Dion and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit Dion's latest book, "Marc Dion: Vol I," is a collection of his best writing and is available for Nook and Kindle.

To find out more about Marc Munroe Dion and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit Dion's book, "King of the World on $15 an Hour" is a collection of his columns. It is available for Nook and Kindle.

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