By Lynda Hirsch

December 7, 2019 9 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Ridge challenges Thomas about signing the papers giving Hope joint custody of Douglas and about his recent stunt at Forrester. Steffy joins in, and Thomas defends his actions, saying that he was trying to teach Hope and Brooke, a lesson. Quinn invites Shauna to her and Eric's Thanksgiving dinner. Eternally grateful that they are reunited with their baby, Beth, Hope and Liam spend the day before Thanksgiving with Beth and Douglas, preparing for the holiday. Douglas tells Liam that he's homesick for Hope. Steffy confronts Hope about her terrible lie about Thomas. Liam gives Thomas the 411 on how Hope is retiring for a while to spend time with Beth which prompts Liam and Steffy continue to disagree on Thomas's level of trustworthiness. Thomas uses Douglas to persuade Hope to say yes to the idea he presented her with. Ridge presents divorce papers to Brooke but things don't go entirely the way Ridge had planned. Shauna confides in Quinn that Ridge is divorcing his soulmate, Brooke. Ridge presents Brooke with an idea on how to salvage their relationship. Ridge begs Brooke not to let her feelings for his son destroy their relationship. Steffy warns Thomas to stay in his lane when it comes to Hope. Brooke makes the final call about the terms of her and Ridge's marriage. Hope stuns Liam with news of Thomas's offer. Liam is concerned that Hope is ignoring red flags about Thomas. Zoe queries Thomas about his current feelings for Hope. Eric learns of Ridge and Brooke's impending divorce from Quinn and Shauna. Thomas maneuvers to get Ridge on board with his new plan for Hope. Ridge turns to Shauna after a difficult day.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Theo tells Summer that he wants them to move in together. Summer resists admitting it's not a good idea for them to live and work together. Theo tells her they moving in different directions and breaks up with her. Summer tries to keep busy and keep her mind off her breakup with Theo. Mariah arrives to visit Kyle. Mariah is nervous when Summer tells her that she is single again because single Summer is dangerous. Summer makes it clear that she and Kyle are friends but Mariah doubts Summer will set boundaries. At Society, Amanda continues to track someone on her laptop. Devon catches her off guard and they exchange harsh words. Elena arrives to see their conversation. Phyllis asks Amanda to represent her in a lawsuit. Amanda declines and admits she does not want to deal with Phyllis' reputation. Phyllis leaves, and Amanda checks her laptop and panics when she loses a signal of the GPS. Victor and Nikki ask Nick about his plans since he dropped out of the race. Nick is defensive when Victor blames Chelsea for his ending his political career. Nick puts his foot down. He says that he dropped out the political race to protect Chelsea and Connor. Over dinner at Society, Billy loves Victoria's idea of a holiday getaway with the family. He's excited for a change of scenery, alone time with his wife and a remedy for whatever ails him. Victoria catches the last part and asks if something is wrong. Later, Billy finds himself at the Dive Bar ignoring Victoria's texts about their trip. Chelsea returns to Adam's penthouse and she thinks she should move back in with Nick instead of pretending to be a family. Adam won't stand in her way if she wants to leave, but Connor improves when they're together.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": When Clyde pulls a shiv on Will, Ben steps in and is stabbed. With minor injuries, Ben is placed back in his cell. Will says he saved his life and forgives him for when the out-of-control Ben tried to strangle him all those years ago. Evan makes an advance on Sonny, but Sonny thinks of Will and Will's responsibility for Adrienne's death. Kayla turns down Justin's request that she move into the mansion. She happily agrees when he agrees to move in with her. Stefano tells Gina that they need to work together. He wants to be with the only woman he ever loved, Marlena, and Gina wants to be with John. Marlena tells Jennifer that John is being obtuse when he does not. Marlena tells Jennifer she cannot get Hope to move out of the penthouse. JJ, blaming Kirsten for Haley's death, wants to get even with her. Abby pressures Hope into letting her seeing the file on Jennifer being pushed over the balcony. An unhappy and unseen Hope watched as Abby looked through the files to help prove that Eve did not push Jennifer. Eric is thrilled that he has a baby daughter but furious that Nicole did not tell him a year ago. Nicole overhears Eric tell Brady that he will never allow Nicole back in his life but he would always be around for Holly. Abe is pleased when Lani calls from a monastery. She does not say where she is or who she is with. Kristen tells her fellow novice she wants to give her DiMera fortune to the church. Kristen says she did not mean to kill Haley, but she did and she cannot forgive herself. Not wanting to deal with all the issues with DiMera, Kate waits tables at the Brady pub. Kate and Roman are bonding. Zander is heartbroken when Eric says he will share custody with Sarah and the baby as long as Xander is out of the picture. At first, Zander is furious. Then, he realizes Eric is right; it is dangerous for the baby to be near him. Before leaving, Xander tells Sarah he loves her. She responds with a hot kiss. Unable to deal with Haley's death, JJ turns to drugs. Running out of pills, JJ steals them from the hospital nursing station. Always hot to trot, Gabi and Eli plan to be certain that she, not Chad stays at the top. Chad meets with his father. It is a Roman holiday when Eli heads to the convent in Rome where Kristen is staying. He needs to see her get the DiMera Corp stocks. JJ follows him. JJ wants to kill Kristen for her part in Haley's death. Kristen finds herself staring down the barrel of JJ's gun.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Nikolas has Ava's meds increased. He then enters her room and she thinks she is seeing a ghost and is crushed when he tells her KiKi is in hell with him. While visiting Ava, Nina finds the ring Nikolas dropped and tells Ava they need to work together to destroy the Cassidine men. Despite his misgivings, Martin agrees to search Ava's gallery for Helena's portrait. Nikolas arrives as they search. Valentin manages to get Nikolas out of the way. Sam is stunned when Nelle is her cellmate. Kendra bashes Alexis over the head and prepares to run over her. Julian, wanting to get rid of Brad forever, tinkers with the brakes on Brad's car. Lucas is driving the car. When the brakes fail, Lucas cannot stop. The crash kills Kendra and saves Alexis. Brad has minor injuries while Lucas sustains severe head injuries and is placed in an induced coma. Willow's pregnancy tests are negative. Jason juggles trying to free Sam and help deal with Scout and Danny while she is in prison. Carly helps Sonny deal with Mike's rapidly moving Alzheimer's. Learning Nikolas planned Hayden's mugging, Jax tells Hayden she can come home. Lulu and Dustin's romance blossoms. Maxie assures Peter he is nothing like his father, Fasion. Anna, Finn and Violet enjoy their family unit. Franco/Drew prepares for the brain procedure that will restore Franco's memories. Ned is worried when Brooklyn gets a harassing phone call. Peter, wanting to stop Franco's memory from being restored, orders Andre and Franco to be murdered if that is what it takes. Griffin reveals that Lucas's injuries are very severe. Told by Sonny that Mike is in a downward spiral, he learns there is an expense trial protocol in Sweden that might help. As Sam's probation hearing begins, Jason seeks another way to get her released from prison.


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