By Lynda Hirsch

November 2, 2019 8 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Thomas, Ridge and Douglas move in in with Eric and Quinn, bringing four generations of Forrester men under one roof. Ridge confides in Eric about the current state of his marriage to Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke shares with Donna that she gave Ridge back his ring. Ridge likens Brooke's behavior toward Thomas to Stephanie's own behavior toward Brooke. Later, Ridge goes to the guesthouse to get some sleep and finds Shauna sleeping in bed. Brooke tells Hope that she didn't want to take off her ring but Ridge left her no choice. Ridge and Shauna share a passionate kiss. Thomas admits he still loves Hope. Hope confesses to Brooke that she plans on playing on Thomas's obsession with her. Shauna asks Ridge which one of them will leave the guest room to sleep elsewhere. Shauna and Quinn have a "girlfriend" moment as Shauna spills all the tea about her night with Ridge, which causes Quinn to take a trip down memory lane. Hope puts her plan to get Thomas to sign off on adoption papers for Douglas in motion. Quinn and Eric celebrate the holiday with family and friends by hosting a Halloween party. At the soiree, Shauna wants to reminisce with married Ridge about the steamy kiss they recently shared. Despite Brooke and Liam's disapproval, Hope dons a costume and attends in an attempt to get Thomas to sign adoption papers that give her joint custody of his son, Douglas. Liam takes his and Hope's baby, Beth, to share Halloween night with his ex-wife. Hope gives Thomas the idea that they may have a future together. Liam decides to stay longer at Steffy's house because Hope is still at the Forrester Halloween party. Shauna makes a snide remark to Hope about forgiving Flo, as she's obviously forgiven Thomas. Steffy thinks Hope is becoming obsessed with Douglas.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Halloween is a nightmare for the folks in Genoa City when they dream that they lose whom and what they want. Billy and Adam call a truce. Billy is unhappy when his therapist thinks he needs more treatment. Theo is stunned when he learns Kyle is his cousin. Nick is running for councilman. Victoria is unhappy when Victor questions her business decisions. Sharon and Adam finally cross paths at the coffeehouse. He only wants to be a good father to Connor, and he's adamant that needs Sharon to be a positive influence on his son's life. Rey watches their exchange unnoticed. Sharon doesn't want to feel manipulated by Adam again if she helps Connor. As Rey surfaces, Sharon tells him about helping Nick and Chelsea with Connor; therefore, she'll be helping Adam. Rey wants Sharon to support Connor, but Sharon wants to keep her distance from Adam. Sharon's wary of Adam's dark side resurfacing, but Rey's confident she can handle Adam — for Connor's sake. She calls Adam and makes it clear she's only helping Connor. Adam understands. Lily is in shock when she meets Amanda. Lily admits she thought everyone was exaggerating about Amanda looking like Hilary. Lily apologizes to Amanda for her reaction. Aware of Lily's connection to Hilary's death, Amanda shows Lily some sensitivity and accepts her apology. Realizing Colin forged the new pages in Katherine's will, Cane shares a tender moment with Lily. Nick tells Mariah that he brought Adam back from Vegas for Connor's sake and that's all that matters. Mariah encourages Nick to vent his true feelings about Adam, but they're interrupted by Councilwoman Tammy Diamond, who resumes her efforts to convince Nick to run for office. Nick tells Chelsea about Diamond's suggestion. She encourages Nick to run for office, and he finally admits that he wants to. Nick calls Diamond and confirms his political entry. Theo shares his plan to take over the country as a marketing entrepreneur. Phyllis is still not impressed.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Gabi orders Lani to dump Eli at the altar. If not, she'll make certain Julie's pacemaker malfunctions. She has power, as the device was created by one of Stefan's tech companies. Jack and Jennifer revel in their reconnected romance. Rolf panics when Princess Gina — who has total control of Hope — vanishes. Found by Rolf, she says she has one desire: to be with the love of her life, John Black. Jack warns a menacing Rolf to stay away from Jennifer. Everyone realizes Jordan is still psychotic when Rafe is given cyanide and a vial of it drops out of Ben's backpack. JJ arrives as Jordan is planning to run off with baby David. Jordan clobbers JJ, who is found by Ben. At Ciara's, Jordan tries to convince her that Ben is responsible for the poisoning. Ben arrives on the scene as Jordan is trying to force Ciara to come with her. When Jordan runs off with the baby, Ben takes off after her. He finds the baby, but Jordan escapes. Jordan plots to destroy her Salem enemies. Xander is confused when Hope morphs into Princess Gina. Ben's spooky Halloween nightmare has Salem citizens involved in mayhem.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Cameron apologizes to Jason for coming down on him after Franco's trial. Liz tells Jason that, for now, he should take a step back from Jake. With daughter Violet on the road to recovery, Finn wonders about his place in her life. Hayden says she wants him to be part of it. Finn wants Violet to meet Roxy. Cameron pretends he has accepted Franco keeping Drew's memories. In truth, he is drinking on the sly. Alexis balks when Finn wants her to check into the hospital. Jason is uneasy when Sam decides to have a bench trial for Shiloh's murder. Scott is angry when Sonny will not kidnap Franco so he will stay in town. Kim spirals out of control when Franco as Drew tells her they need to stay in Port Charles and she needs to process her grief for Oscar. Joss feels guilty when she loses the watch Oscar gave her and it was missing for three days before she knew it was gone. Nina confronts Sasha at the Halloween charity event. Valentin wonders if Helena's portrait is more then he thought when he pitched it. Feeling everything will be OK because Franco has not recalled his memories, Peter does damage control with Maxi, who feels he has put their relationship on hold. Jordan fears TJ is rushing things when he wants to give Molly his late father's wedding ring. Convinced by Laura that her sighting of Nikolas was an apparition, Ava checks herself into a medical facility. Jax is stunned by a very much alive Nikolas. Cameron and Joss regret getting drunk at the high school dance. Elizabeth tells Hayden that Violet can move in with them. Julian pays someone to sext Brad. Lucas is furious when he sees it. Valentin convinces Nina to drop charges against Sasha. Sam is uneasy when Cassandra is her new cellmate.


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