By Lynda Hirsch

November 30, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Bill assembles Justin, Wyatt and Emmy to welcome Liam home to Spencer Publications. Liam tells Bill that Hope is now Douglas's adoptive mother. Wyatt gives a surprising response to Liam when asked why he hasn't purchased a ring yet for Sally. Later, while discussing their engagement and wedding, Sally accidentally misspeaks. Ridge tells Shauna that he likes her close to him and is honest about his feelings for Brooke. Ridge is touched by Shauna's patience and understanding. They share a kiss. Quinn witnesses Shauna and Ridge kiss and later asks her friend about their relationship status. Shauna is relieved when Quinn gives her seal of approval. Ridge truthfully answers Eric's questions about Brooke and Shauna. Wyatt demands answers from Sally, prompting her to propose a quick elopement. Bill asks Liam to forever have his brother Wyatt's back. Ridge confronts Thomas about signing the papers giving Hope joint custody of Douglas and his recent stunt at Forrester. Steffy joins in and Thomas defends his actions saying that he was trying to teach Hope and Brooke, a lesson. Quinn invites Shauna to her and Eric's Thanksgiving dinner. Eternally grateful that they are reunited with their baby, Beth, Hope and Liam spend the day before Thanksgiving with Beth and Douglas preparing for the holiday.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Chelsea arrives at the penthouse and learns from Adam that Connor's stomachache is from the trauma and stress of the hostage situation. Adam tells Chelsea they should consider having Connor see a child therapist. Chelsea suggests asking Sharon to work with Connor. Chelsea agrees to spend a few nights at the Penthouse until Connor feels better. During a session with Dr. Clay, she asks Billy that she's worried if he doesn't find the root of his problems he will continue to self-sabotage. Later, Billy visits Victoria at Newman and brings her roses along with burger and fries. Their lunch turns romantic until Victoria receives a business call. At Society, Lola gives Theo a pep talk before his first day of work at Jabot. Kyle gives Summer business cards as vice president of marketing. Theo arrives late to the office prompting a power struggle between Theo and Kyle. Nick guilts Summer into attending Thanksgiving DINNER at the Newman Ranch. During dinner, Victor grills Billy about being unemployed and things are tense between Chelsea and Nick as a result of Chelsea spending more time at Adam's penthouse. Victor and Nikki are thrilled to share the news that Victor's health has improved. Summer arrives for desert, and she and Victor finally make amends. After dinner, Victor and Nikki recap their successful dinner and reaffirm their love for each other


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Ciara finds baby Mickey and turns her over to Xander. After he places the baby in Sarah's arms, Xander gives Sarah a kiss, which he regrets, and tells her he loves her, which he does not regret. After telling Eric he, not Xander, is the baby's daddy, Nicole fears she had lost her forever. Barging into the mansion, Eric demands to see his child. Brady is trying to process the loss of his full-term baby by Kristen, and her leaving town without saying where she is going. Lani and Kristen are preparing to say their final vows as they bond at the monastery. Trying to deal with Hayley's death, JJ continues his downward spiral with drug use. JJ blames Kristen for the loss of the love of his life. Ben is unhappy when Clyde tells him he has hatched a plan for Ben to escape the death penalty. An appalled Ben tells his miscreant father to stay out of it. Clyde says it is too late. Stefano contacts Chad. At first, Abby thinks it is a trick, but Chad makes her a true believer. Gina (Hope) continues her plot to destroy Marlena and John's marriage so she can be with him. Sonny tries to accept Justin and Kayla's relations. In jail for Adrienne's death, Will grapples with life without Sonny and freedom. Gabi and Eli are a romantic couple. Chad vows to wrest DiMera Enterprises from Gabi. Having finished Stefano's portrait, Hope (Gina) reveals Stefano's new face and it is Patch. After Sonny gives seal of approval, Justin asks Kayla to move in with him. Abby does not believe Eve pushed Jennifer over the railing. Hattie and Eve share thanksgiving prison style.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Finn continues to be over the moon about being Violet's dad. With some input from Neil, Alexis realizes Kendra slipped her the almost deadly rat poison. Fearful that Lucas will learn the truth about Wiley's parentage, Brad considers his options which includes leaving Port Charles. Monica warns Liz the procedure for Franco may not work. Monica shares a bittersweet visit with "Drew." When Dev reveals that he is in the country legally and may be deported to Turkey, Josh and Cameron they will keep his secret. Jason is desperate to get Sam out of jail. Seen by Charlotte, Nikolas tells her Valentin hired him to protect her but it must be their secret. Valentin, and later Nikolas, offers Hayden a fortune if she will leave town. Stella gives TJ her blessing when he says he is asking Molly to marry him but warns that their being a biracial couple will create hatred from some people. Sonny and Carly are heartbroken as Max's Alzheimer's progresses at a frightening pace. He thinks he is 7 years old and Sonny is trying to steal his ice cream. Willow thinks she is pregnant. Nikolas arrives on the dock as a henchman is attacking Hayden. He hired the henchman. Fearing Violet will not be safe if she stays in town, Hayden exits Port Charles, living the child in Finn and Anna's care. Martin Grey is working for Valentin to get Helena's portrait.


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