By Lynda Hirsch

November 30, 2019 4 min read

It's time for another session of "internet nonsense." This is where we debunk a story that has gone viral but really has no facts to confirm it. This is where I give the facts and calm down those who believe the buzzing noise. Last week it was incorrectly reported that "Days of Our Lives" had been canceled after a more than 55-year run.

The rumor began when a "source" claimed that they had the official word: "Days" is gone. Other folks piled on with the tidbit. In an hour, "Days" faithful fans needed a Xanax to calm down. Right after the erroneous report calmed down, we made a few calls to the right places and reported that "Days of Our Lives" was not canceled. The next day, NBC and Sony signed up for more "Days" through the hourglass. Most folks will say that social media is to blame for all the miss information. Nope. The reason is a bit more sinister. It has to be reported ASAP, in case it's true. What if an outlet spends an hour checking the facts? In internet time, that is equal to an eon.

Many stories will offer attribution. Not because they want to give someone else credit, but because if it turns out to be false, the original source will be discredited. Years ago, I was interviewing Warren Beatty. Yes, he is that sexy and charming. He is also leery of the press. He explained lots of times things about him are reported and they are totally wrong: "That is not so important. My family and friends know the truth. It makes me wonder if the press gets important things like science wrong." So not is he not just sexy and charming he is discerning. Everyone should try it.

Lots of folks are checking in and out of "General Hospital" in the coming month. In 2017, Emmy award-winning Jane Elliot (Tracy) announced her retirement from acting. Her career spanned decades. After raising her kids as a single parent and nonstop working, she wanted a breather. At the time, it appeared that she was done. "General Hospital" is giving fans a great holiday present. Elliot is returning for a story arc beginning early December. "General Hospital" viewers may have noticed that the Quartermaine mansion keeps adding tenants. Monica, Ned, Olivia, Jason and Sam's kids, etc. Nothing better than having snarky but at times caring Tracy back in the fold for a while, The banter between Monica, Olivia and the recently returned Brook Lynn should be epic.

Hudson West (Jake) is set to return in December. Jake has been missing in action when he should be front and center. There are a lot of storylines where he could make an impact: Drew's death — Jake considered him his father; Sam being in jail — she is his stepmother twice removed; and the Franco storyline twist. We need to see more of this kid. He is an amazing actor.

Sadly, Rebecca Budig (Hayden) has been let go. This makes no sense. Hayden is the mother of Finn's daughter; she worked with Jax; she is Liz's sister. And she just moved into Kim Nero's apartment. Though Lucy Coe might be happy she gets to find another tenant for Kim's cool condo.

One of Hollywood's shiniest couple is sadly tarnished. Justin Hartley (Ex Adam, "Young and Restless" and star of "This Is Us") has filed for divorce from Chrishell Stause (Ex Amanda "All My Children," ex Jordan "Days of Our Lives"). According to court documents, the couple, who wed in 2017 after dating three years, filed for divorce in July. Sadly, all those beautiful photos taken of them since prove that with good acting anything can be carried off. Or perhaps on those photo-op days they were getting along. Hartley does not want to pay alimony or his wife's legal fees.

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