By Lynda Hirsch

November 10, 2018 3 min read

If you thought the Nov. 6 elections would be the end of daytime being impacted, think again.

On Nov. 7, a news conference from President Donald Trump started at noon and went until 2 p.m. EST. "Young and Restless," "Days of Our Lives" and "Bold and Beautiful" were pre-empted on the East Coast. West Coast episodes aired. As of now, the networks have decided not to re-air the episodes lost during the mega-speech.

Years ago, CBS had a soap called "Capitol." The soap was based in Washington, D.C. Its main characters were powerful politicos. Only problem? It never mentioned politics. No one said, "I must go to a council meeting" or "I have to leave so I can cast an important vote."

Pretty much every daytime drama since then has followed that rule: What politics? No politics. To be fair, the now-defunct "One Life to Live" has a plot about Dorian Lord running for mayor.

This year, "General Hospital" devoted an entire episode to voting. Laura is running against Ned for Port Charles' mayoral race. Her annoyingly precocious grandson Spencer really wants her to win. So, what does our favorite brat do? He hacks the voting. Laura wins — and maybe she would have without his help. For now, Laura has no idea what Spencer did. When she finds out, Spencer may wish he had stayed at his fancy European boarding school.

What is great about this story is it was character-driven, not story-driven. Laura, Ned and Spencer were true to themselves during the event. When the truth comes out, expect all the characters to react the way you would expect. Add Ned's wife Olivia to the mix and the dramatic fun begins.

Last week, Rena Sofer (Quinn from "Bold and Beautiful") made an Instagram post after the deadly mass shooting at the synagogue she attended in her hometown of Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania. Her father was a rabbi.

One of her posts was how important it is to vote. Taking her own heed, Sofer decided to work at a polling place. She and a friend called an Uber to drive them.

According to Sofer, she and her friend were not talking politics; they just said how important voting is this year.

Suddenly, the driver started verbally bashing them. What she found even more stunning was that the driver came to America 20 years ago from the Middle East. Sofer recorded the incident sent it to a head honcho at Uber. The company was not happy. It appears the driver was dismissed.

John McCook, who plays Sofer's on-air husband, Eric, says he loves working with her. He also says she is no-nonsense. While he says he is sometimes 90 percent nonsense, he loves Sofer's work ethic and staring into her eyes when they share scenes.

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