By Lynda Hirsch

September 19, 2020 5 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke tells Ridge she loves him and wants to be together. Ridge wants that, too, but he has to deal with his marriage to Shanna. Zoe and Carter decide to explore a romance. Steffy hides the pills Vinnie got for her. Finn and Steffy kiss. The duo decides they can continue their patient-doctor relationship and work on a personal one. Thomas suggests to Liam he must still care about Steffy as he does not like Finn getting close to Steffy. Liam denies the charge and says he is happy with Hope and his children. After lunch with her sisters, Katie agrees to see Bill. Bill apologizes to Katie for kissing Brooke and asks for a second chance. Katie coyly tells Bill she will see what happens, but he must rewin her love. Liam panics when he finds an unresponsive Steffy at her home.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Following her dream about Adam, Sharon tells Rey that she needs to keep Adam out of her life while she is dealing with her cancer. Victor warns Kyle not to hurt Summer; if he does, Kyle will answer to Victor. Kyle assures him once his divorce is final he will marry Summer. A bitter Lola plans to stall the divorce. Nick and Phyllis assure each other this time their love will last. Jack is curious about the emerald necklace Dina is wearing in the picture. Traci and Jack talk about needing love in their life. Chelsea and Adam pair up to ruin Victor. Their first act is sending Connor to boarding school, so he will not be affected. Devon is stunned when he learns Amanda is Hillary's twin sister. Elena tells Devon she understands Amanda wanting to know all she can about her now-dead twin. She also assures him that Amanda will not come between them. Billy and Alyssa plot to destroy Adam: Billy because Adam had the hit and run with Delia; Alyssa because Adam killed her father to stop him from hurting Hope. Billy and Alyssa name the project they are starting to destroy Adam "Making of a monster."


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Out of his medically induced coma, a livid John calls Sami "nasty" and throws the cactus she brought as a peace offering. Marlena arrives on the scene as Sami tells John that she hopes he suffers another stroke. Rushing Sami out of the room, Marlena is thrilled John's memory is returning. John is horrified by what he said to Sami and fears he cannot control or understand lashing out at people he cares about. Belle arrives to hear Claire and Jan bonding. Belle tosses out Jan and tells Claire the awful things Jan did to her family. Not persuaded by her mother's story, Claire plans to give Jan the benefit of the doubt and resume their friendship. Ben is devastated when he realizes his present time with Ciara was a dream. Hope thinks Ciara may be alive. Lani is furious when Eli arrests Kristen for stabbing Victor. Xander walks into Phillip's CEO office at Titan and literally rolls him out the door. Just as Sami is headed to Italy with Allie's baby, Allie arrives. Victor is convinced not to kill Ben or hire someone to do it. Eric is contacted about returning to Africa to help deal with issues.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": All of Mike's friends and family gather to say goodbye. Sonny realizes Mike will not die in peace if anyone is in the room. Alone in the room, Mike envisions his late daughter, Courtney, and heads toward the afterlife with her as his guide. In Monte Carlo, Robert thinks Holly is alive. Learning of his grandfather's death, Dante tells his doctor he is ready to take his next WSB assignment. Nikolas softens towards Ava when he sees her touching interaction with Avery. In New York, Nina and Jax continuing searching for the other half of the bracelet. Felix overhears talk of a baby switch. Britt begins her reign of hospital terror. Liz sees her shift be cut and Franco fears his art therapy will be dropped. After sharing a kiss, Liz and Nikolas vow it is the first and last time it will happen. Just as Scorpio tells Ethan he is sorry he was wrong Holly is dead, she appears alive and being held captive.


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