By Lynda Hirsch

July 6, 2019 5 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Not realizing that his drink has been spiked, Liam behaves oddly. Thomas uses Liam's behavior as a way to convince Hope that Liam belongs with Steffy. Wyatt and Flo reminisce about their past and then express their excitement about the state of their current relationship. Thomas encourages Steffy to rekindle her feelings for Liam. Liam tells Steffy she's beautiful and then they make love. Hope confides to Brooke that she wants to be with Liam but thinks that Liam is happier without her. Steffy and Liam each process the fact that they made love. Brooke tells Hope she should trust Liam and not Thomas. Liam decides to apologize to Hope in person for his behavior the day before. Thomas shares with Douglas his vision for their future. Steffy calls Thomas out for meddling. Steffy turns to Ridge for fatherly advice and support. Liam warns Hope about Thomas before acquiescing to her request. The two share their heartfelt sentiments for one another. Liam suggests to Steffy that Thomas is obsessed with Hope. Thomas convinces his son Douglas to ask Hope a question pertaining their future. He makes the child promise that he will not divulge that Thomas put him up to asking. Hope reflects on her feelings for Liam and Thomas. Liam recalls his last Fourth of July with Hope. Ridge assures Brooke that Hope and Liam have done the right thing. Douglas asks Hope to be his new mommy. Brooke tells Liam that she is worried about Hope. Xander sets out to solve a murder.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Tessa and Mariah celebrate the completion of their video. Ana reluctantly tells Mariah and Tessa that Devon is skeptical of their video. Tessa and Mariah give Ana some perspective and convince her to try to make things right with Devon. Meanwhile, Elena comforts Devon during a panic attack. Devon admits he is having a difficult time letting Hilary go and feels guilty finding happiness with Elena. Later, Ana arrives home and Elena tells Ana that Devon needs to rest, and Ana realizes that he had another panic attack. Elena opens up to Ana about Devon's struggle to let go of Hilary. Victor comes to visit Nick, revealing that he has something to say. Nick and Victor reach a heartfelt truce and begin to mend their fractured relationship. Nick, Victor and Christian share a warm family moment. Adam asks Kevin to do some dirty work for him. Kevin resists, but Adam reminds him that he will not see Chloe again unless he cooperates. Abby throws a bridal shower for Lola. The party guests are shocked when Summer arrives and asks to speak to Lola. Summer offers Lola an apology for her recent behavior and tells Lola that she wants to make amends. Lola agrees to put their past behind them. Abby then tells Lola she has a surprise for her and brings in her mother, Celeste. Nate tells Victor that he's found a new experimental trial to treat his PNH but warns that there are serious side effects. Nick advises Victor to go ahead with the treatment, despite the serious risks. Later, Adam fishes for information on Victor's illness, but Nate remains tight-lipped. Ana saves Nate from further interrogation by pulling him away and revealing that she's worried about Devon. Phyllis becomes head of Dark Horse. Billy is stunned when he finds Chloe at Delia's grave. Chloe admits she shot Adam. Adam and Bick will fight to the end to get custody of Christian.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": A heartbroken Eric sobs after marrying Rex and Sarah. Sarah thinks the diamond necklace he gave her was sweet. Rex does not trust Xander. Victor tries to be a teetotaler by banning liquor from the mansion. Kristen — Nicole — is furious when she learns Xander did not kill Ted or Kate. Marlena is horrified when she has to reveal that Claire started the fires. Hope cannot believe her daughter would try to kill Ciara and blame it on Ben. John comforts Marlena as she deals with the fallout of the burning. Eve is unhappy when Jack wants to regain the memory of his children. Lani accepts Eli's marriage proposal.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Bobbi admits to loving Scotty — always has, always will — but does not accept his marriage proposal, as there's too much baggage between them. Pretending to be Willow's lawyer, Jason visits her in Pentonville. In Beechers Corners, Sam lets Carol think she is a waitress at the local diner. Neil changes his tune and tells Alexis he will continue to see her. Liz and Franco begin their wedding vows. Brad is desperate to keep the baby's paternity a secret.


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