By Lynda Hirsch

July 7, 2018 4 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Liam becomes concerned after finding a threatening message for Hope on the Hope for the Future website. Emma and Maya both express their unhappiness at the way that Hope has treated them. Justin calls Bill out on his absentmindedness. Liam and Thorne delete the message and make a plan of action. Liam and Steffy wonder about the kind of person their daughter will wind up being. Brooke shares in Hope's happy news. Ridge, Thorne and Liam go over a list of possible suspects regarding the threat to Hope. Brooke accompanies Hope on a visit to Dr. Phillips, who confirms she is pregnant. Brooke encourages her daughter to fight for the life that she wants and deserves. Thorne helps talk Maya down when she becomes upset over something Hope said. Steffy tells Ridge that she is ready to marry Liam. As Sally decorates their place for the Fourth of July, Wyatt encourages her to have more faith and believes that she will win Hope over in no time. Sally vents her frustrations about Hope to Wyatt. Brooke tells Hope that she foresees she and Ridge disagreeing about the new and complicated situation that Hope finds herself in. Hope shares her exciting news with a stunned Liam.Ridge becomes upset with Brooke when she questions whether Liam and Steffy will still get married. Liam and Hope share a tender moment. Eric and Quinn offer to help Steffy with her wedding plans, including designing her dress. Ridge acknowledges that Hope's situation presents challenges for their families but remains adamant that Steffy and Liam will stay together. Steffy shares her joy with Quinn and Eric that she and Liam are finally putting their family back together. Liam realizes he must go home and tell Steffy about Hope's news.


DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Just as Sonny is telling Leo he will never cave to blackmail and marry him, Will arrives. Lunging at Will, Leo starts to strangle him. As Will is having a flashback of being strangled by Ben, Sonny pulls Leo off of him. In the struggle Leo falls, hits his head and dies. Sonny tells Will they cannot go to the police because it would be further bad PR for Titan. At Sonny's urging, Will helps him roll Leo's body in a Persian rug at the Kirakis mansion. Theresa is stunned when Brady says he will counter her lawsuit for custody of Tate with his own. Eve is perplexed when Brady admits he planted the amulet in her belongings to frame her for Deimos's death. Eve is hurt but forgives him. On the stand, Chloe paints a negative picture of Theresa. When Chloe's unsavory past is brought up by Ted in cross-examination, her previous testimony does not help Brady's custody battle. Kayla helps Marlena plan for her August wedding to John. Having run out of his medication, Ben starts to hallucinate. Ciara's touch and comfortingwords stop the hallucination where Clyde is telling Ben to kill Ciara. Ben heads to the drug store to get some medication. Ciara wakes up and finds the cabin awash in flames. Rafe and Hope are close to finding Ciara. Claire tells Tripp she has always had a thing for him. He says he is sorry but Ciara is the woman he wants in his life. Steve and John discuss Steve's bionic eye. With DNA from Chad and Stefano, Abby prepares to learn her baby's paternity.


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