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By Lynda Hirsch

July 23, 2016 3 min read

Q: I watched the Republican National Convention this week. One of the speakers was a guy named Antonio Sabato Jr. I had never heard of him. Who is he? — Justin of Utica, New York.

A: Born in Italy, Sabato Jr. first came into the public view from a 90-foot billboard in Times Square. He was wearing Calvin Klein skives and little else. If social media had been around, the billboard would have went viral. He peered out from magazine covers and billboards all over the world, and it kick-started his acting career. His most recent acting gigs have been guest spots on "Bones," "Castle" and "Hot in Cleveland." (He really was hot in Cleveland this week: That was the site of the RNC and the temperatures rose past 99 degrees.)

Sabato is not just a pretty face. He is a handy man to have around the house. He has a syndicated show called "Fix It and Finish It." Sabato and his team of contractors have redone worn-down houses, mobile homes and even a tree house.

He teamed with Cheryl Burke on the 19th season of "Dancing With the Stars." He made it to week seven. The fans' and judges' favorite, Alfonso Ribeiro, won the trophy. Sabato's movies include "The Three Stooges." He played serial killer Henry Lee Lucas in "Drifter." People magazine named him one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

He had seven episodes on "Melrose Place," where he played Heather Locklear's abusive lover. He also has daytime soap credits. In 1992 he joined "General Hospital" as Jagger Cates. He played the misunderstood brother of Stone. By 1994 his stint at "GH" ended. He did return to appear in the ABC "GH" spinoff "Night Shift." "The Bold and the Beautiful" created the role of Dante especially for him. He joined the cast in 2004 but was gone by 2005.

Kimberlin Brown, known for her roles on "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and the Beautiful," also spoke at the convention. She stated that, as a small-business owner, the Obama administration has nearly destroyed her company.

Trump had said the convention would be huge and stuffed with star power. Scott Baio was the other "star" speaker.

Sabato's speech at the convention was fairly short. He said he has known Donald Trump for 20 years and he has never changed. The model/actor/reality show performer gave an interview to ABC in which he claimed President Obama is a Muslim and is one of the bad guys and is not like any Christian he ever knew. He admitted he had no facts to back the claims up but said he had "a right to believe that."

There are rumors that one of the celebrities slated to speak at the Democratic National Convention is a real star: George Clooney.

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