By Lynda Hirsch

May 9, 2020 4 min read

"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Coming to after being stabbed by Kristen, Victor tells Eli Kristen, not Brady, stabbed him. Eli says Brady is still under arrest because he covered for Kristin. Rex, in Paris for a medical convention, runs into Sarah, who has the kidnapped baby, Rachel, with her. Rex talks her into returning the baby, until she realizes Kristen will be taking care of the child. Rex attempts to call Kristen to tell her Sarah's whereabouts. Kristen cold cocks Rex and binds and gags him. She takes off the gag, but puts it back on when Rex is relentless about her needing to return that baby to its parents. When he visits Maggie in jail, Zander reveals why he and Sarah called off the wedding, Maggie horrified by the baby switch remembers she not only killed Adrienne in her drunk driving she killed Sarah's baby. The custody trial for baby David begins. Everyone is stunned when a man who claims to be Jake looks just like Stefan. Gabi, certain he is, pulls him into a kiss. When tests show his eyesight in his patched eye has not been restored, Steve moves into Stefeno's liar and finds Hope is living there. The duo destroy Stefano's portrait and burst out laughing. Two goons beat Ben to a pulp. Everyone is stunned when Abby continues to hallucinate. Gabi swears she did not drug her. Abby sneaks out of the hospital and disappears. Eli is furious when he realizes Lani helped Kristin escape. The goons who beat up Ben mistook him for Jake. Gabi and everyone else thinks he is Stefan, which he denies. Gabi pulls him into a hot kiss. First, he pushed her away, but then he kisses her back. Just as Sarah is about to take the baby on the run, her nosey nextdoor neighbor arrives. Furious with Lani helping Kristen escape, Eli tells Lani he cannot trust her as a wife. Kristen knocks on a door, which may lead her to baby Rachel. Brady wonders if Kristen will return. Still in the hospital due to Kristen stabbing him, Victor tells Zander her is proud of him. A touched Zander grasps Victor's hand. Jack and Jennifer are horrified when they learn Abby is missing.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Brooklyn confronts Julian about his causing the car accident that almost killed Lucas. He denies the charge. When Mike tells Sonny he wants to go a baseball game in New York, Sonny refuses to have a DNR for Mike. Lulu realizes Valentine loves Charlotte when he drops custody case and agrees to share co-custody. After a nasty visit with Nelle, Michael batters a tree and is joined by Willow. Nelle tells Martin Grey she wants to go ahead with the custody battle. Valentin prepares to take over. Mourning over Holly's death, Scorpio goes to Anna and makes her furious when he suggests Peter was involved. Spencer writes Nikolas that he wants to have a father-son relationship. Liz is upset when Franco agrees to do a documentary about his criminal past. He tells her he needs the money to support the family. Molly, feeling guilty over her one night stand with Brando, talks to Kristina and Sam. Kristina advises Molly to keep it a secret. The sisters squabble turns nasty when Molly blames Kristina for Shiloh's reign of terror. When Sam tries to mediate, Kristina suggest Sam and Jason are together because they are addicted to danger. Cyrus tells his thugs to kill Jason. Brando decides to stay in Port Charles. Julian tells the board that Neil and Alexis lied about not sleeping together in New York. Having been stripped of his medial license, Neil goes to Charlie's and attacks Julian. Thanks to Julian, Alexis is disbarred.


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